Thursday, 9 June 2011

I've been tagged (check to see if I've tagged you!)

I’ve been ‘tagged’ by Sylvia Ney (
This tag has 8 tasks, so here goes!

Do you think you’re hot?
Not at the moment, with the horrible weather we’re having in the UK (cool with heavy showers) but I can get VERY hot when the temp goes above 70 degrees.  Fan goes on in study and bedroom! 

Upload a picture of wallpaper you’re using at the moment

This is my pride and joy, because last year I finally got to meet my idol Martin Sheen in Los Angeles.

When was the last time you ate a chicken meal?
Trying to remember – think it was a roast chicken dinner last weekend but one!

The song you listened to recently

This 12-year-old's voice amazing!

What were you thinking as you were doing this task?
Hmm, that I was doing it simply to avoid writing the next scene in my novel, which I know is going to be a difficult scene to write.  I’m not completely sure which way I want it to go, and can’t decide whether to work it out in advance, or let my characters run with it.

Do you have nicknames? What are they?
My father called me PollyWolly, I use that sometimes as ‘user name’ on some sites, or else Polls – which is what my two Canadian friends always call me.

Tag 8 bloggers
1.  Francine Howarth
2. Rosemary Gemmell
3. Jennifer Wilck
4. Celia Yeary
5. Jarmara
6. Margaret West
7. Cate Masters
8. Linda Banche

Who’s listed as No.1?
Francine used to be a regular contributor to our group blog ‘Heroines with Hearts’ (  When one of our members had to drop out of the blog, I invited Francine to join us – and I’m so glad I did!
Say something about No. 5.
I ‘met’ Jarmara through the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, and she gave me my Versatile Blogger badge – thanks, Jarmara
How did you get to know No.3?
I got to know Jennifer through the Whiskey Creek Press author loop because our first novels with WCP are being released the same month (i.e. this month).
How about No. 4?
It was through one of the writers’ loops, either Whiskey Creek or was it Classic Romance Revival, Celia?  Anyway, we’ve since discovered that we have a similar background (even though she’s a Texan and I’m English) because we were both high school teachers, took early retirement, and then filled our lives with others things, including writing romance novels.
Leave a message for No 6.
Margaret, thank you for choosing me as a ‘winner’ on your blog.  I‘m looking forward to receiving my prize in the next day or so J
Leave a lovey-dovey message for No. 2.
Rosemary, love you because, even though it’s been such a short time since we ‘met’ on the British Romance Fiction loop, you’ve been so supportive and left comments for me on the blogs where I’ve been guesting!  Thank you so much!
Do number 7 and 8 have any similarities?
Funny you should ask that!  Apart from writing of course, Cate and Linda have both had me as a guest at their blogs in the past week! (see and

Now looking forward to your responses.  Please let me know when you post!


  1. That was fun, Paula - and thank you so much for tagging me and making such a lovely comment!

  2. I love the picture with Martin Sheen. My first thought was "Who's the hottie with Paula?" then I took a better look. ;-) Congrats!

  3. Thank you for tagging me, Paula, but I've already done the tag. I love your list.