Sunday, 11 December 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Jess and Kyle's first meeting

The final excerpt from my 2011 release of 'His Leading Lady' about the first meeting between Jess and Kyle.

“Oh, and by the way,” Kyle added, as he reached the door and looked back at her, “there’s one more difference between you and your sister. You have far more spirit and I like a feisty woman.  Au revoir, Ms. Harper.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Drummond,” Jess said very firmly.

The door clicked shut behind him, and she let out a short grunt of exasperation, followed by a sudden wry smile. At least he’d conceded that she’d given as good as she got.

Thanks to everyone who has followed this series of excerpts and left comments for me.
I'll be back in the New Year with an excerpt from  my new book 'Fragrance of Violets' which will be released by Whiskey Creek Press in February.
Meantime, you can read the whole of Chapter 1 of 'His Leading Lady' at the Whiskey Creek website, or at Amazon or

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  1. I can feel an attraction blooming. Thanks for sharing your work. Looking forward to more in the New Year. I will definitely check out this book. x

  2. And by the way...I also want to wish you and your loved ones a beautiful and happy holiday season!

  3. I do believe I saw sparks flying in the air between them. Great six!

  4. I love the finality of that last paragraph. I can almost see her expression.

  5. LOL, Sarah - she probably wouldn't agree with you right now, but the chemistry's definitely started to cook!

    Angela - thanks so much, hope you enjoy the whole book - and thanks for your greeting which I send to you too.

    Gem - yes, some real sparks, and more to come in later chapters!

    Monica - thanks, and yes, she's feeling fairly smug LOL

  6. Seems like these two may be a match made in Heaven! Loved this six!

  7. Hmm yeah I agree. I think she likes him :)

  8. Thanks, Gemma and Mirriam - I think you may be right, but she's not prepared to admit it just yet!

  9. Yeah, she's hooked. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great six lines. I'd forgotten about six sentence Sunday. I used to participate. Maybe I will again sometime. Thanks for your visit.