Wednesday, 5 March 2014

50% discount on two of my books this week!

As part of Read an E-Book Week, my publisher has reduced two of my novels to half price - and half of $3.99 means they are only $1.99 until March 8th. Just quote the code REW50 at checkout.

Changing the Future
Lisa Marshall is stunned when celebrated volcanologist Paul Hamilton comes back into her life at the college where she now teaches. Despite their acrimonious break-up several years earlier, they soon realise the magnetic attraction between them is stronger than ever. However, the past is still part of the present, not least when Paul discovers Lisa has a young son. They can’t change the past, but will it take a volcanic eruption to help them change the future?
Dream of Paris
Anna Richards has a dream of going to live and study in Paris, but when Matthew Carlton comes into her life, her dream changes direction.
Attraction sparks between them, but Matt’s behaviour is strangely inconsistent. Anna is shocked when she discovers the reason and is sure there is no future for them.
Can Paris work its magic and make her dream come true?

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  1. it's a great idea to put books on sale - i plan to do that soon as well.

    stopping by from a to z challenge - looking forward to your posts =)