Friday, 4 May 2012

Alpha versus Beta

Today I'm talking about Alpha and Beta heroes at
Hope you'll pop in and tell me which you prefer!
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Also, if you visit our Heroines with Hearts blogspot today, you can read Rosemary Gemmell's guest post about Writing for the Tween Market and find out more about her latest release 'Summer of the Eagles'.


  1. Paula, I tried to log in on Jenny's site but was ridiculed and reviled by the spambot...

    Wanted to say that my heroes usually end up being a combo, a kind of alphabeta soup, even in the m/m stuff. I, like most modern women, am a little turned off by a guy who sees himself as Alley Oop; and yet I get impatient with a guy who's just TOO yielding.

    I know I must have left a comment on another site--how I'm looking forward to the new volcanic eruption of your latest novel. It sounds almost as good as Remembrance of Violets, and I look forward to reading it soon.

    Happy writing! Slán, Erin

  2. Thanks, Erin - so glad you agree about 'alphabeta soup'!
    And I do hope you'll enjoy the 'volcano story'!
    I've forwarded your comment to Jenny, so that she can add it to the comments at the BTS site.

  3. I like the combo character too.

  4. Yes, intriguing. My one suggestion: take out the word "familiar" in the second sentence. Don't give the reader that yet. Let her wait just a bit longer and figure it out for herself. It becomes apparent soon enough and makes the reading just that bit more interesting. :)