Sunday, 8 July 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Another six sentences from 'Changing the Future'. After the short, curt meeting with Paul in the morning, Lisa has been occupied in teaching her classes all day. 

When she reached her office, she let out a deep sigh, glad the day was finally over without another chance meeting with Paul. It would be a relief to go home and give herself time to think.

She sat down at her desk to check her emails but there was nothing she couldn’t leave until tomorrow. As she switched off her computer, a knock on the door startled her.

“Come in,” she called automatically.

The door opened and Paul walked in.

Blurb: Lisa Marshall is stunned when celebrated volcanologist Paul Hamilton comes back into her life at the college where she now teaches. Despite their acrimonious break-up several years earlier, they soon realise the magnetic attraction between them is stronger than ever. However, the past is still part of the present, not least when Paul discovers Lisa has a young son. They can’t change that past, but will it take a volcanic eruption to help them change the future?

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  1. Well, she didn't get her wish. What's she going to do now? Great six! :)

  2. Aw man! I hate it when that happens. Get all ready to relax and then something (or someone) has to go and ruin it.

    Should be an interesting meeting.

  3. Way to ramp up the tension, Paula! Great six!

  4. She's not going to get to avoid him. Good for Paul. :)

  5. Ha, yes that always happens when you don't want it to! Can't wait to read on.

  6. Good for you, Paul. Don't cut her any slack. I love a man with determination.

  7. Whew! Excellent, Paula! That last sentence was a zinger :-)

  8. Well, of course he did! Nice six, Paula.

  9. Just bought this book on Amazon. :-)

  10. Lisa - you're right ;-)

    Jessica - next we're going to see Paul's thoughts about this turn of events.

    Kate - yes, very interesting :-)

    Thanks, K.E.

    Gem - you're right, head-on collision is imminent!

    Gemma - thanks!

    Mackenzie - there are things Paul needs to know!

    Teresa - thanks - and even more thanks for buying it! Do hope you enjoy it. Would love to have a review from you!

    Thanks, Kate!

  11. uh oh, amping up the tension!!
    loving it :)

  12. Thanks, Maryellen - yes, definitely a lot of tension to follow!

  13. I assume he knows it's her door?

  14. Sue - yes, he's checked first :-)

  15. Methinks she spoke too soon. :) Fun six, Paula.