Sunday, 15 July 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Another six from my contemporary romance, ‘Changing the Future’.

Paul was stunned to see Lisa at Hillside College. It was the last place he’d expected to meet her again. They’d had a brief and curt conversation when they’d first met earlier in the day. At the end of the afternoon, he goes to see her. This is from his POV and he speaks first.

“We need to talk.”
“Do we?”
He couldn’t tell whether the expression in her dark eyes was uncertain or icy cold. “Yes, I didn’t know you were at Hillside, otherwise…”
Now there was no mistaking her hostile glare. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have come a million miles near here?”

Blurb: Lisa Marshall is stunned when celebrated volcanologist Paul Hamilton comes back into her life at the college where she now teaches. Despite their acrimonious break-up several years earlier, they soon realise the magnetic attraction between them is stronger than ever. However, the past is still part of the present, not least when Paul discovers Lisa has a young son. They can’t change that past, but will it take a volcanic eruption to help them change the future.

'Changing the Future' is available at $3.99 on Amazon

The latest review said:

“I really liked both these characters. Assumptions, pride, and hurt feelings ruined their wonderful relationship five years ago. But that underlying love they felt for each other then hasn't disappeared. It's just been buried deep under hurt feelings. But they're both adults and professionals and work really hard to maintain a decent relationship at school...but that quickly morphs into something more for them. That chemistry is still there.”

Many thanks to everyone who visits my blog each Sunday and leaves such great comments for me :-)

PS I am attending the UK Romantic Novelists' Association annual conference this weekend. If I am not too exhausted after what promises to be a packed schedule of talks and workshops, I will try to visit the other Six Sentence blogs later on Sunday!

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  1. Oh geez. He has his work cut out for him. Great tension.

  2. I like how he's not certain of his welcome but it becomes clear real quick! Nice six, Paula.

  3. So much tension there. Could be good or bad. Nice six! :)

  4. I gather both their feelings are somewhat muddled at this point--but not indifferent.

  5. He's really in a damned if he does/damned if he doesn't situation with her. So intense. Great six, Paula! Hope you're having fun at the conference.

  6. Nice comeback, Lisa. But if he's angry enough he could wing the answer she thinks she wants to hear. Great six, Paula. :)

  7. So much tension between them, so much evidently not settled (as we do know from your earlier hints and the blurb). Well done six!

  8. Ouch! Sounds like he's got some explaining to do! Great conflict in this. Can't wait to see his response.

  9. Sounds intriguing! She's definitely got some issues to work out with him!

    Dara Ames

  10. Loved this book! Five stars :-)

    It's interesting, how different the six sentences are now that I "know" the characters so well now. :-)

  11. Thank you all. So pleased you are 'feeling' the tension between them!

  12. A special thank you to Teresa for buying and reading the book, and giving it such a wonderful review on Amazon :-)