Sunday, 2 December 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Many thanks for all your comments each week.
This week I’m continuing Neve’s second meeting with Ross McAllister, who has just revealed who he is. Neve is disbelieving, saying Professor McAllister had a beard and was much older ...
“Yeah, I got rid of the beard a couple of weeks ago. Everyone says it’s taken ten years off me, although I’m not altogether sure it’s a good thing because people expect archaeologists to look older, for some reason.” He glanced round as the morning sun edged above the hills on the east side of the valley, and lifted his right hand to don the hat he was holding.
Neve knew immediately that, beard or no beard, he really was Ross McAllister. He’d worn the wide-brimmed beige fedora, always slightly tilted, on every photo she’d seen of him and it hid most of his dark hair which was part of the reason she hadn’t recognised him.
Oh my God, she breathed inwardly, as she frantically tried to remember her scathing remarks the previous day.

P.S. If you scroll down to my previous post, you can find a short excerpt from a later chapter!
Blurb: Neve Dalton loves her job as a tour guide on a River Nile cruise ship as much as she values her independence. She isn’t ready to settle down with her Egyptian boyfriend, despite his repeated proposals and his father’s desire to see him married.
Nor is she ready to meet Ross McAllister, a compelling and fascinating archaeologist.She struggles against her growing attraction to him until she can no longer ignore what her heart is telling her. This is the man who sets her soul on fire.
When she starts receiving cryptic messages, and Ross’s work in the famous Valley of the Kings is threatened, Neve has to make a heart-breaking and life-changing decision which she feels is her only option.
Can they discover whose enmity is forcing them apart before it’s too late?
‘Her Only Option’ is available from Whiskey Creek Press and from Amazon, as e-book or paperback.
One reader has said: "Her Only Option" is a wonderful book! It has everything one desires in a love story: Romance, mystery/intrigue, history, set in an exotic location.”
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  1. Oh no! That moment realization can be so terrible sometimes!

  2. I can feel her emotion in the pit of MY stomach - very well done excerpt. Really enjoying this book as you share it each week.

  3. Lisa's right, you've done a marvelous job capturing her moment of realization. Excellent six this week, Paula!

  4. Oh gosh! Wonderfully descriptive six!

  5. Thanks all! So glad you're feeling her squirming embarrassment right now!

  6. Poor girl! But what an opportunity for her! She's obviously fascinated by his work and now she has the chance to talk to him about it!

  7. Ah, love the reveal and her realization! Great 6!

  8. One of those foot in mouth moments for her. Great six! :)

  9. Intriguing turn of events. I can practically feel her heart beating from here. Fabulous.

  10. Definitely a how-can-I-get-my-foot-out-of=my-mouth moments.

  11. Lovely description there.

  12. A perfect description of "open mouth insert foot" syndrome. Fun six, Paula. :)