Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Desperately Seeking Susan - no, I mean Votes!

August 31st is the last day for voting for the cover of my novel 'His Leading Lady' for August's Cover of the Month Award.

I'm in second place, but need a lot more votes to catch up with - or rather overtake - the one in 1st place.

So I'd be more than grateful if you could visit http://tjbook-list.blogspot.com and vote for my book, and for the great design by Kendra Egert.

You need to wait for the page to load (which can a few seconds as there are so many graphics on the page) and then scroll down to the poll on the right hand side.

I don't think I have a chance of catching up, but I'll persevere until midnight tomorrow - a sign on my optimistic (or stubborn? nature maybe?

Anyway, please vote - and if you add the link to your blog/Facebook page/Twitter/whatever, I'll be forever in your debt. 

You see, I'm Desperately Seeking ....!!


  1. Good luck. Yesterday hubby voted for you, today the kids did :-)

  2. Hi,

    I've already voted!

    Have you seen my latest book cover due for release early September. It's at http://tgunwriter.bogspot.com entered in a vote for me blogfest.


  3. Best of luck! BTW, I left you an award on my blog: http://writinginwonderland.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-on-fire.html

  4. Many thanks for the votes - my cover received over 70 more in the last 48 hours, but unfortunately (for me, anyway!) so did the cover in 1st place, so I remain in 2nd place (but with twice as many votes of 3rd place).

    Thanks for the award too, Sylvia :-) Now to think of some answers to the questions!

  5. Paula - your cover did very well. It seems to be just pipped at the post!