Sunday, 28 August 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - First Meeting

Another excerpt from my recently released 'His Leading Lady'.  For those who've read my excerpts about Jess and Kyle's first kiss, I thought I'd go back to show you their very first meeting.

From behind the racks of multi-coloured leotards, leggings and cat suits, she had a clear view of the man who stood near the glass display counter at the front of the shop.  

He had his back to her, but the outline of his broad shoulders in a pale blue polo-shirt gave an impression of hidden strength.  His slim waist and hips in well-fitting dark blue jeans only added to the impact of his tall figure.

His thumbs were looped casually into his back pockets and Jess’s eyes rested momentarily on his firm hands and long slender fingers.  A pianist’s hands, she thought, then let her glance travel up his tanned arms to the back of his head.

His dark hair wasn’t exactly curly, more like a mass of waves that were layered casually into the nape of his neck, which somehow emphasized the ruggedness of the rest of his very masculine body.
More next week!

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  1. Great excerpt, Paula. Thanks for making me want to read more!

  2. Great excerpt! Sounds like someone I would go for!!


  3. I look at hands also and his sound like the kind I would want strolling over me

  4. Nice character description

  5. He sounds gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, I think I'd like to kiss him too!

  7. Definitely eye-catching. I love the observation about his 'pianist's hands'; gives an immediate and clear picture.

  8. Thanks, all!
    Sorry I couldn't respond yesterday as I was out all day, but I'm so glad you like my description of Kyle.

  9. Very clean/clear description :) I could really see him :)