Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Wonderland Giveaway Blogfest!

I'm taking part in Sylvia Ney's Wonderland Giveaway today, where every participant gives and also, hopefully, receives.

So what am I giving?  Three prizes!
1. A PDF copy of 'His Leading Lady', my recently released contemporary romance, set in London's West End theatre world (check my website for more information)
2. An interview or guest blog here on my blog
3. A guest blog (with promotion opportunity) on our group blog, Heroines with Hearts.

What do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes?
1. Follow my blog (if you're not already a follower)
2. Vote for the cover of' 'His Leading Lady' at http://tjbook-list.blogspot.com/ - scroll down to the poll on the right hand side.
3. Leave me a comment, telling me how many votes my cover has, and also which prize you'd like to win.  Comments should be left by August 19th to qualify.  Winners will be announced on August 20th.

Extra 'entries' can be earned by posting an announcement/link to this contest on your own website, blog, twitter, facebook etc. and leaving me a link in the comments. One entry for EACH announcement/link.

Over a dozen authors/artists are taking part in this giveaway.  They each have their own rules so check out what they are giving and hoping to receive by clicking here

Thanks for visiting - and good luck!


  1. I just voted and you have 29 votes (3rd place). I'd like to win the PDF copy of 'His Leading Lady'.

    Great contest!

  2. I just voted and you now have 33 votes(19%).I would also like the PDF copy of your book if possible. :D


  3. You have 34 votes now (second place). I'd love to read your book, but would be happy to be interviewed by you instead as there seems to be quite a demand for the book :)

  4. Paula - I'm the 35th vote for your cover. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a copy of this story! ;-) I would also be interested in a guest spot on either blog. I'm also tweeting and posting a link on facebook. Have fun!

  5. His Leading Lady is currently at 41 votes and I've voted.
    Do I have to pick one prize? Alright then, can I have the guest blog on either blogs please?


  6. I'm the 42nd voter :)....and I'd like a guest post on your blog! came by to tell you that you have an interview on my blog. Tweet me up @damyantig

  7. Hi Paula-- just to say, you've won the interview/guest post on my blog :)

  8. Your cover has 43 (I guess that's after posting MY vote).

    I'd take the guest post on your blog. (A guest post is always open on MY blog, if you'd like.)

    That IS a lovely cover. Good luck with book sales.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  9. Your cover has 49 votes (woo hoo!)

    I'd like a copy of your book.