Monday, 1 October 2012

Blogfest 2012 - Let's have a party!

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Today’s topic is Parties – and the question, ‘Are you the life of the party or do you like to sit back and be entertained? Share a party story.’
Hmm, this isn’t an easy one for me as it’s years since I’ve been to a party. My generation doesn’t throw parties like we did when we were younger and quite honestly I can’t really remember the last one I went to, apart from a couple of wedding parties, and my grandson’s 18th party last month (the one at home, not the one at the pub with all his mates!)
I think the last party at my house was when my younger daughter was 21 – and she’s now in her 40’s!!
The main thing I recall about parties is the contrast – the before and after! Before – everything is tidy and in its place, buffet laid out and looking good, and glasses, bottles and cans all neatly lined up. Great to sit down and relax with a drink before everyone arrived. But afterwards? Eek! Plates and glasses everywhere (some with remains of food or drink), crumbs all over the carpet and maybe a squashed sausage roll or pizza slice under the chair… But who really cared when it had been a good party?
I used to be somewhere in between the ‘life and soul’ type and the ‘sit-back-in-the-corner’ type. The worst party I ever remember was when someone spiked my gin and orange drink with vodka. I don’t remember much about the party but I do remember how ill I was afterwards! I’ve never been able to drink gin or vodka since then, and can't even stand the smell of them. And before anyway tells me that vodka doesn't smell, believe me, I can smell it!


  1. I do LOVE a good party, Paula. I'm fortunate to have a group of friends who regularly host dinner parties, and the food and the conversation is always really fabulous and fun. When it's 'my turn' I like to do a formal sit down dinner followed my late night dancing in the kitchen afterwards. Luckily, I have a large kitchen and as we don't have any neighbours we can be as noisy as we like!

    More recently, I've discovered 'virtual online parties' and found they can be lots of fun too. Party on Paula!

    Janice xx

  2. Your parties sound good, Janice - wish I had a group of friends like that! But not sure I could prepare a formal sit-down dinner for a group these days - I'm totally out of practice in catering for a group.

  3. Paula-- like you, I don't get to go to parties very often.

    I usually get invited to informal occasions--family cookouts, inhome children's birthday parties--and the occasional holiday dinner. I've been lucky that in the last year I've been able to go to both a Wedding Reception and an Anniversary Dinner-- Both were great--but I was far from the "life of the party"...both were fun and I just sat back with casual conversation. As for my younger days--such a different story.

    I will say that of the few parties I've held the clean up is always such the chore!! When I can these days, I try to stay after and help clean up.

    Thanks so much for joining in on the Kick Off for BlogFEST 2012!! Here's to a great month of blogging, Cheers!

  4. I think once something has made you sick, it never is the same again. Like you, I just don't go to parties. During my wild days I would go to the bar with friends, but parties were few and far between. These days the closest thing I get to a party is the parties I have for my immediate family here at home.


  5. Jenn - these days we tend to go out for a meal on family occasions - at least someone else has to clear and wash the dishes after that!
    Can't promise to blog every day, or visit each blog every day, but I'll do what I can!

  6. We seem to be the same, Kathy - parties of any kind are few and far between now!

  7. I think the concept of parties definitely changes as you get older. But I call a great get together to share food, drink and conversation is a party, and I just attended such a party last night to celebrate my sister in laws's purchase of a beautiful house in the country. A lovely party...

  8. I agree, Denise. I go to 'parties' with my Over 50's group, and we have a great time. No alcohol usually, except maybe a punchbowl at Christmas, but we have some good evenings, with a lot of chat and laughs, a few quizzes and suchlike. I think social evenings like this are actually much more enjoyable than wild parties! But maybe my age is showing LOL!
    Thanks so much for dropping in!

  9. I can smell vodka too Paula! And people tell me the same thing, "oh you can't smell it.." Oh. Yes you can! And I agree.. The clean up is never as fun as the set up and even less fun when all party goers - my kids and their friends - have gone their separate ways leaving only you to clean up.. The perks of motherhood, yes? :)

  10. I had my drink spiked once, I was so sick for two days. It was in college and my parents were coming up to visit me. Uggghhh! What a nightmare that was! I don't think I drank again for a long time.

    Parties are a lot of work...whether prepping or cleanup.

  11. I love to host summer parties...everything is throw away and most of the guests are outside. The mess stays there and a great deal of it is tossed at the end of the night. I often leave it til the next morning and then wonder why I did that!

    I don't do winter or inside parties anymore, but having a couple for dinner is still my idea of a perfect evening. Dinner, drinks and maybe some cards. Perfect.

  12. Someone must have had a few before deciding to spike your drink :)You have described the before and after of the party so well. I know how it goes too...

  13. Sp glad I'm not the only one who can smell vodka! That's the only time I've been violently ill after alcohol. I was told afterwards it was done as a joke. Hmm, some joke!

  14. I love to throw parties 'cause I don't have to clean up afterward, otherwise, I know exactly what you mean ... One moment, it looks the best and the next quite messy!