Saturday, 20 April 2013

Contemporary Novelists' Book Fair

This weekend, two dozen contemporary novelists are taking part in an online book fair. We're putting our latest novels 'on display' and hope you'll stop by to browse - and maybe to buy.

So come with me to Paris, and let's sit at a pavement cafe in the Place Saint Michel and enjoy a glass of wine with Anna and Matt.


Anna Richards has a dream of going to live and study in Paris, but when Matthew Carlton comes into her life, her dream changes direction. Attraction sparks between them, but Matt’s behaviour is strangely inconsistent. Anna is shocked when she discovers the reason and is sure there is no future for them. Can Paris work its magic and make her dream come true?
Here's their first kiss:

After crossing the main road that skirted the Seine, they descended the stone staircase to the walkway along the river, and slowed to a standstill as they drew level with the south transept of the cathedral, with its huge rose window. The streetlights reflected like silver pools in the dark water and, under the floodlights, the towers, spires, and flying buttresses of the cathedral stood in sharp relief to the night sky.

Anna gazed across the river. “It simply defies description, doesn’t it? All that stonework and carving, all done by hand.”

Matt’s hand tightened around hers, but when he didn’t reply, she turned to him. The soft heat which simmered in his eyes made the hairs on her skin stand on end. Everything inside her did a double somersault, but she stayed motionless, mesmerised as he leant towards her.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, his lips brushed hers, in a brief and tender connection. Warm pulses of pleasure danced through her. When he moved fractionally away, she brought her hand up to grasp his arm. He let out a quiet groan and his mouth returned to hers, now intense and hungry.

Stunned for a split second, she clutched his shoulders as her whole body weakened. He wrapped one arm around her while the other slid into the hair at the back of her head, pulling her closer to him. The tip of his tongue explored her lips and ignited every nerve in her body. Closing her eyes, she returned his kiss, relaxing her mouth and letting her tongue meet his in a sensual union.

Tendrils of desire sprawled down into her depths, and she melted against him, gripping his arms as she slipped into a state of oblivion where nothing else existed except him. This kiss she’d dreamed about was a million times more arousing than anything in her imagination, and time stood still.

A raucous car horn sounded from the street above them and he broke away.

“Oh God,” he muttered.

Her heart beat like a tom-tom as he stared at her with what seemed to be a mixture of desire and contrition. After a few seconds, he shook his head. “You shouldn’t have let me do that.”

“Matt—” But no more words would come.

He let out a deep breath. “Let’s go for a drink.”

They didn’t talk as they climbed the stone steps back to the road, but his hand gripped hers tightly. Her mind reeled and she was unable to latch onto any coherent strand of thought. Everything seemed completely surreal.
"This romance feels warm and inviting from page one, as you get to know Anna, Matt, and the world they live in. Furthermore, this story is spiced up with both the charms of Paris and - even more effective for me - the unexpected twists back home."
"Buy this book...if you love romance....if you love good stories." 
You can find 'Dream of Paris', and my other contemporary romances at
Please take a few minutes to visit some other novelists and see what they are showcasing this weekend. You can find the list by clicking here


  1. What better place than Paris to experience the first kiss with the man you fancy? Good luck, Paula.

  2. Thank you for taking part, Paula. Blip sorted!

    Paris... Mmm, and Matt sounds divine! Lovely excerpt. ;)


  3. Hello, Paula. Good to be back on your blog after so long. I hope you're having a great event.


  4. The perfect place for a first kiss and to fall in love, Paris. Paula the cover is stunning and I hope you sell zillions.

  5. Nice setting, Paula. Enjoyed the excerpt. Greg

  6. Gilli, it's the perfect place, isn't it?

    Francine, glad the blip on the linky list was sorted! And yes, Matt is rather delicious!

    Good to see you here again, Kiru :-)

    I love the cover too, Pauline - and I love Paris!

    Many thanks, Greg.

  7. I LOVE thee sound of Dream of Paris, Paula! The excerpt had me hooked! I'm finding so many great new books to read thanks to this Book Fair. :)