Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Snippet

Another eight sentences from my work in progress 'Irish Inheritance' for the Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.

Guy has arrived in Dublin for a short stay in order to meet the lawyer who is dealing with the legacy in which he has a half-share. At the airport, he meets a young woman who is struggling with a broken wheel on her suitcase, and carries her bag to the taxi rank.

“If you're heading into Dublin, maybe we could share this cab?” At least it would be a way of prolonging his acquaintance with this bubbly girl. An attractive one, too, with her dark shiny hair framing her face.

As they set off, he smiled at his companion. “I’m Guy Sinclair, by the way.”

“And I’m Jenna Sutton - pleased to meet you.”

She stuck out her hand to shake his and  he liked the way her face and eyes lit up when she smiled, especially her eyes - mid-brown, a warm coppery color. He was always a sucker for eyes.

He's in for a surprise when he discovers she's the co-inheritor, isn't he?
Here's how I imagine Jenna

Many thanks to everyone who visits each Sunday, and for your encouraging comments.

Here's my first (very rough!) draft of the 'blurb' for 'Irish Inheritance' for those of you who want to know more about this story:

English actress Jenna Sutton and American artist Guy Sinclair first meet when they jointly inherit a house on the west coast of Ireland. Curious about their unknown benefactress and why they are both considered as 'family', they gradually work out their links to the original owners of the house. At the same time as they are uncovering a nineteenth century love story, they struggle against their mutual attraction to each other. The two lovers in the past were destined not to have a happy ending, and it seems the same thing will happen to their two descendants - or will it?

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  1. Sweet description, Paula. I jumped right into the scene-airport, taxi,Dublin.. Good eight.

  2. Charmaine is right, its a lovely description. Sharing a cab seems like an excellent way to subtly spend time with someone. Great snippet.

  3. Love your snippet and your blurb. It sounds like a fantastic story. The idea of two strangers thrown together like that, looking forward to more!
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    Twitter: @AllysonLindt

  4. I love the premise for this story and it's too funny that they're sharing the taxi - good touch! Excellent excerpt!

  5. This snippet made me giddy :) fabulous, Paula.

  6. Thanks, Charmaine :-)

    Jess, he's attracted to her but still has to discover who she really is!

    Thanks, Allyson. The whole story is almost written now :-)

    Seemed a good way for them to get to know each other, Veronica ;-)

    Thanks, S.J. :-)

  7. Ah yes, share that cab! I know I would! ;)

  8. Interesting story!I too enjoyed the description and the photo is perfect. :-)

  9. I love that he notices her eyes, of all things. Lovely snippet!

  10. Wonder if they're going to the same address.

  11. A convenient way to get them together, Rose!

    Thanks, Debbie. As soon as I saw the photo, I knew I'd found my Jenna - she's just like I'd imagined her.

    She likes his eyes too, Joanne :-)

    They're at different hotels, Sue, but they will be meeting up again very soon!

  12. Sounds fascinating!


  13. This is an adorable meeting! So different from the instant antagonism I was expecting.

    I like this better. :)

  14. Thanks, Kathy!

    Sarah - so glad you approve. It's instant attraction, not instant antagonism, so I'm happy I surprised you with this :-)

  15. :-) ! Nice way to introduce them, Paula, lol. Set them up in the cab. But...I like it! :-)