Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 1 - First Class Manchester to Newark

I spent the whole of June in the USA and Canada. I travelled around quite a lot, visited family and friends, saw both familiar and new places. I know some of you have followed my occasional posts and photos on Facebook, and eventually I'll upload more photos to Pinterest, but for the month of July I thought I'd relive last month day by day.

So - on May 30th I flew from Manchester, England, to Newark in New Jersey. Back in November 2013 when I booked this flight, I decided to do something that's been on my 'bucket list' for a long time i.e. fly Business Class.

My day started early with a taxi to the airport at 6am. After check-in and security, I made my way to the 'Escape Lounge' in Terminal 2 - to enjoy free coffee and a bacon muffin. Well, not exactly free, because I'd paid for it with my Business Class fare, of course,  but it was very civilised sitting in a quiet lounge instead of a noisy terminal.

We took off about 9.40, and I was delighted when the cloud cover eventually disappeared part way over Ireland, and we had a wonderful view of Galway Bay.

Then came the first meal - with real glass, crockery and cutlery - not the usual plastic stuff!
First smoked salmon
Then seasonal greens with roasted tomatoes, bell pepper, dried fruit, and croutons.

Followed by tenderloin of beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables

And finally ice cream

Then it was time to watch a movie, before another 'snack' about 4pm (i.e. 11am USA time)

As we approached Newark Airport just before midday (USA time), there was a somewhat hazy view of Manhattan - and my first sight of the Freedom Tower.

My cousin Liz met me at the airport, but we had to wait a while as her husband had parked at the wrong terminal, so he had to go back there to collect his car. Then we were on our way to Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
Eventually, after a lot of chat and laughs (and pizza - and Miller Lite), I got to bed at 11.30 pm, which was 4.30am in my time. I'd been up almost 24 hours - it was a long day! 


  1. You've inspired me to fly first class on the first "over water" Steve and I take. I cannot wait to read the rest of your travels!

  2. Ooh goody, it'll be good to see this day by day account

  3. Nice meals on the flight--so much better than Coach fare.

  4. Sounds very luxurious! I'm with Amy!

  5. Amy - it was definitely more civilised than 'Economy'! Very comfortable seats too!
    Helen - this is my project for July!
    Jen - plenty of food choices too!
    Elaine - wish I could afford this every time I flew, but this was a one-off (unfortunately!)

  6. I hope I don't miss a day of this reliving! On to day 2 now...❤️

  7. Business class certainly spoils you for "back to basics" doesn't it, Paula? Especially on trans-Atlantic flights. And the waiting lounge is so nice it makes you want to delay your flight.