Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Day 3 - Still in New Jersey

Sunday, June 1st started - yes, with coffee and toast, this time sitting outside at Helen's.

At midday, we set off to visit Paul and Dianne at Flemington, but no sooner had we arrived at their house than we were whisked off on a 'mystery tour' with Peter, who wouldn't tell us where we were going until we arrived at a large barn. After knocking on the door several times, he said, "Who on earth owns this place?" and then, "Oh, I do!" It transpired that the previous month he had bought, not just the barn, but also the nearby house - to everyone's astonishment!
The house had been left unlived-in for several years, and was empty apart from some pieces of old furniture, and other 'junk'. Liz and I even found a flag - and, if you count up, it has only 48 stars, which dates it to the 1950s (or earlier)!
As well as the house, there were 2 more old barns, a spring house, and 2 garages - plus 6 acres of land, including a large pond! It seems that Peter is going to be busy, restoring the house and looking after all that land too!
After exploring the house and barns, we returned to Paul and Dianne's, and then it was time for a family photo - me with my four cousins, Paul, Peter, Liz, and Helen.
We had lunch mid-afternoon - and of course there was the 3-foot long sub - now a 'tradition' for lunch at Paul's.
And another family photo - with (from left to right) Liz, Dianne, Helen, Richard (Liz's husband), Audrey (Richard's mom) - and me!
In the evening, I was back at Helen's, packing my suitcase again, and checking in online for tomorrow's flight to Las Vegas! 


  1. Such a fun and exciting trip! Family from across the pond is just beyond awesome, Paula. So very happy you made this trip.

  2. So nice that you were able to see family and have such a good time with them!

  3. Thanks, Jo and Elaine. My NJ cousins are fab - so much fun to be with :-)