Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 4 - Vegas, here we come!

Monday June 2nd - and we're off to Vegas!

Helen and I were excited about our 'adventure' as we called it. My cousin Paul came to pick us up about 9am and drove us to Newark airport. Once we'd checked in and gone through security, it was time for breakfast - in my case, an egg and bacon muffin.
Our flight took off about 12.30, and we arrived at McCarran Airport, LV, about 2.30pm (local time, 3 hours behind NJ). It took us ages to get out of the airport - first a tram to the baggage reclaim area (and a long walk too), and then a long line for taxis, but we finally reached 'The Strip.'

Half way along the Strip was our hotel, Paris Las Vegas (the one behind the 'Eiffel Tower- half the size of the original')
And we had to drive around the 'Arc de Triomphe' (2/3 the size of the real one) to reach the main entrance.

After checking in, and taking a quick look around the hotel, we took a taxi to the Mirage Hotel, had a meal there (no choices this time, just burger and fries!), and then went out to watch the 'volcano eruption'.
Then we took our seats for the Cirque de Soleil show which started at 9.30pm. Amazing show, with Beatles music, and fantastic aerial acrobatics and special effects. Totally awesome - or brilliant, as we Brits say!
The taxi ride back to our hotel (after waiting in a long queue - oops, I mean line!) gave us our first view of the Strip by night with all the neon and floodlights.

Time for a quick beer in the bar and then bed!


  1. That's a great first night in Vegas! I always enjoy a day or two there and then I'm ready to go out and see the Grand Canyon, Hover Dam and the beautiful dessert areas.
    It's a unique part of our country and I'm glad you enjoyed day one!

  2. We had two full days in Vegas, Jo - and then we did exactly the same - drove out to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon - we'll be there on Day 7 and 8!

  3. Always fun to play a little blackjack too.

  4. I'm truly enjoying your journey. I can't wait to read what else you've done. So much inspiration for books.

  5. Pam, we only played a few slots!

    Thanks, Margaret, and there's lots more to come!

  6. Slots is all I've ever done (besides a game or two of roulette). Never been to Vegas, either. Great pictures, Paula.