Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Venting my Vexations

I wasn’t sure what to write for V – of course, things like villains, violence and voice all came to mind, but then various things happened that made me think of this title, so I’m going to list a few things which really BUG me!

Going out for lunch with a friend who then spends more time talking to their husband/daughter/other friend on their mobile phone while I sit there twiddling my thumbs.

Someone serving you in a store who, while she or he is putting your items through the bar code, is busy talking to another staff member - or even, as happened recently, to a friend who happened to be passing.  They hardly break off their conversation to tell you the total you have to pay. 

People who park their car so near to yours in a car park that you can’t get to the driver’s door to get in your own car.

Members of the social group which I organise who sign up for an event or visit, and then don’t bother to turn up or even let me know they’re not coming.

And, because I’m a writer, I have to add this one – celebrities who write novels and get them published simply on the strength of their name (even though they probably haven’t written the thing themselves anyway!)

Okay, grumble over – but you can tell me some of yours, if you want to get them off your chest!


  1. Thanks for your comment at mine :-)
    I agree with all your vexations. Two of mine are telephone related: The person who insists they haven't dialled the wrong number, when clearly they have and the person who assures you it's not a sales call, then tries to sell you something!
    Have a good day :-)

  2. I agree with all of those! LOL Nice to know that I'm not the only person vexed by such things. :)

  3. LOL! Hope you have a better day tomorrow.
    I hate it when you are trying to get out of a parking space and those coming into the car park won't give you room to get out so that they can take your place. :O)

  4. I got so vexed thinking about yours I couldn't think of anymore myself. Those are all very annoying things.

    Hope you join us in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post on Monday May 2nd.

  5. Karla - yes, and yes, to both of yours!

    Jeffrey - glad you agree!

    Madeleine - ooh, yes, that kind of driver goes on my list too!

    Lee - it seems the little things vex us even more than the big ones sometimes, doesn't it?

    Thank you all for visiting today!

  6. I agree with the ones you have listed and I will add:

    I get mad over all the negativity on the news, all day...everyday. I wish there was a channel that told stories about refreshing things that good people are doing, miracles and just plain happy things! :)

    There, I do feel better!

    Great post. Thanks!

  7. Totally agree, Snakesmom - similarly in the newspapers.

  8. I hate it when I am talking to someone who decides to talk on their phone instead or text just as bad. The cell phone is wonderful but oh how it has its negatives :)