Saturday, 31 October 2009

My Books

My early published books (no longer in print, of course, but still available from some online used book sellers) were published under my pen-name of Pauline Garnar:

AND THE FUTURE SURE, published by Mills and Boon in the UK in 1968.

Christine thought it was too good to be true when Don Bowden, whom she had loved for so long, confessed that he felt the same way about her. It was too good to be true ...

NO SOONER LOVED, published by Mills and Boon in the UK in 1968, and by Harlequin in the USA and Canada in 1969 #1325, also serialised in 'My Weekly' magazine in 1969, and published by 'My Weekly' Story Library in 1970 #42.

Janet Harris and Philip Morton were on opposite sides of the fence. The future of Janet's beautiful Lakeland village home was at stake, and she put the blame squarely on Philip. Falling in love with each other should have been the solution. But somehow it only complicated an already tense situation. Then Fate took a hand. But was it too late?

FOND DECEIVER, published by Mills and Boon in the UK in 1970, and by Harlequin in the USA and Canada in 1970/71 #1444.

When Ruth's fiance died, she vowed never to fall in love again but to remain true to Steve's memory, and she stuck to this decision even whenn she met Alec Hilton. She felt she was deceiving Alec - but wasn't it herself she was really deceiving?

AGAINST THE STREAM, published by Robert Hale 1981, also by Women's Weekly Library in 1983 #2237.

Anne Marshall was looking forward to continuing her studies at the University of Paris. Then Max Lorimer arrived at Southgate High School, and suddenly the dream seemed unimportant. But he was the Deputy Head and she was only a junior teacher, so he was never likely to take any interest in her. Besides, there was Helen, the girl he should have married. Why then did there seem to be this strange affinity between them? And why did Max seem to be fighting it?


  1. Pauline, would these be considered today Modern or Modern Heat? I love in North America and love the Presents Line.

    Love the covers and I'm going to search the internet to see if I can find one of yours.

  2. Hi Marilyn
    These were written when Mills and Boon/Harlequin were still publishing 'sweet' romance (i.e. no sex!). I have found 'No Sooner Loved' and 'Fond Deceiver' in American used book shops online - try AbeBooks. The other two were only published in the UK, and I can't find them now.
    Many thanks for your interest.
    I am in the process of setting up a website, will post the link here very soon.