Sunday, 15 May 2011

Update to Horrendous Day

It continues to be horrendous, sad to say.

Had some light at the end of the tunnel - the creep who cheated her out of thousands said to the police he did not want to act as executor of her will - hurrah!  Bad news is that he is not not responding to any requests from the lawyer.  Until he signs a disclaimer, he is still considered as the executor.  So the light at the end of tunnel has dimmed.

Post-mortem was held (because death was unexpected) but it cites bronchial-pneumonia following heart operation.  My two daughters both suspected evil-doings by conman - but I told them they obviously watched too much CSI!

We still don't have the death certificate, so haven't been able to register her death or arrange the funeral.  I'm the nearest relative (geographically speaking - the others live several hundred miles away, I'm only about 50 miles away) but, unless I can get an appointment at the Register Office on Monday or Tuesday, I can't do anything more, because on Wednesday I am taking two Canadian friends to Ireland for a week.

Life is pretty stressful at the moment,and of course I haven't had a minute to concentrate on the impending release of my novel at the beginning of June. 

I did manage to put a page for 'His Leading Lady' on Facebook -so if any of you can go and click 'like' (if ,of course, you do like it!) and/or leave a comment on my wall, I'd be so grateful!!/pages/His-Leading-Lady/109499949137151

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear all about your problems and coming so close to the release of your book. It must be hard to know which way to turn. Have a great week in Ireland and hopefully things will sort themselves out. Best wishes my dear friend.