Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Seven Wonders of MY World

My personal Seven Wonders of my world - this is the weekly topic at the Facebook group, The Writers' Post

I had to think long and hard about this topic. Which seven things have changed me - for the better?

Okay, here we go:

1. My family has to come first, of course. My two daughters, who drove me to distraction when they were teenagers, are now (in their 40's) the best of friends. And my two grandsons, as different as chalk and cheese. Matt, the 22-year old, with a university degree, so laid-back and laconic (and still working at Starbucks while he finds a 'real' job), and Jordan, the 17-year-old, so mature and articulate, and so self-motivated. I love them all.

2. Writing has always been as natural to me as breathing, ever since I was 8 or 9. I wrote stories, my diary, long letters, anything. Even when I wasn't writing fiction (for a long gap in my life), I was writing articles. Writing is me, that's the only way I can describe it.

3. My computer and the WWW - how did I ever survive without them? I was into word-processing way back in the 80's - so different from the 'old days' of writing in longhand thern typing out my early novels on an ancient upright typewriter. But it's more than the 'convenience' of transferring my thoughts via the keyboard to the screen and correcting/editing as I go. It's been my link, not just to a wealth of research (yay for google!), but also to my cousins in America, my friends in different parts of the world, and also to other writers and friends.

4. 'The West Wing' - I have to include this TV series as one of the things which changed my life. I got hooked on it, not when it was on TV to start with, but when I bought the DVDs of the show. I've always been fascinated by American history and politics, and this show captivated me, not just because my favourite actor, Martin Sheen, played President Jed Bartlet, but also because it told me so much about American politics. It was also pivotal in my return to writing fiction after a 30+ year gap. I wrote several fan-fiction stories about Jed and Abbey Bartlet (my favourite couple on the show) and, as a result, my fiction muse finally returned and I started writing novels again.

5. Travelling -I LOVE visiting new places, in my own country and elsewhere. I've travelled extensively in Britain, mainland Europe, the Middle East, America and Canada. I've been to places which, at one time, I never thought I would ever visit - the place I used to learn about in Geography lessons many moons ago. I've seen the Pyramids, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Gettysburg, Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Somme battlefield in France, the Abu Simbel temples at sunrise, and sunset over Galway Bay - just a few of the awesome places I've seen.

6. Ireland - there's just something about this small island which is total magic for me. I only 'discovered' it about 5 years ago, and have been back there 2 or 3 times each year ever since. So much history and scenery, not to mention the friendly people there and the music too. I am totally in love with Ireland.

7. England's Lake District - a beautiful area of lakes and mountains in North West England which I got to know in my teens when my parents bought a caravan there. It's the part of England I love most of all, and has so many memories for me, from being there with my parents to the times when my daughters were younger. I've set two of my novels there, and will probably set more there.


  1. Love your seven wonders, Paula. So fascinating to read what inspires you and brings you joy.

  2. Great list. I would love to get to see Europe one day :-)

  3. What a lovely idea - I enjoyed hearing more about your life, Paula.

  4. Paula,
    There's a "je ne sais quoi" to your post that really gave me chills. I think it may have been the references to Ireland and the Wailing Wall. One place I've been to (Jerusalem), the other place I'm hankering to go to. Just hearing you talk about those two places which are dear to me for reasons known and unknown, touched my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A beautiful post.

  5. It's great to take time to count the things in life we're happy for. Thank you for sharing yours.

  6. Thanks, catmuses. Actually there are far more than 7, but I chose the ones that first came to my mind.

    Theresa, there is so much to see, marvel at and enjoy in Europe. I've seen a lot in my many visits to different countries but really it''s only been a very small part of everything there is to see.

    Rosemary - thanks so much for visiting, picking out just 7 things wasn't an easy task!

    Daphne, that's so intriguing that my post touched a chord with you. So glad you enjoyed it.

    Paul - you're right about taking time to count the things in life which made us happy. So often we concentrate on the things that go wrong!

  7. Wonderful 7 wonders--Family is definitely high up there for me as is "writing" although I categorized it as and learning--because I do believe I get better each time. I'm most intrigued by The West Wing though!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  8. You know, it's just next door... but I've never been to Ireland. Maybe next year. Would love to walk the Giant's Causeway and get into some of their traditions and legends. Great list, Paula :o)

  9. Jenn- I agree that writing is a learning process. I know I've learnt so much in the last few years, mainly due to my wonderful critique partners.
    I had to include 'The West Wing' because, in addition to it being an excellent show, it brought me back to writing fiction again. So in that sense, it changed my life.

    Mojo - I didn't 'discover' Ireland until about 5 years ago (apart from a day trip to Dublin when I was in my teens). The Giant's Causeway was actually much smaller than I'd imagined!

  10. This was lovely Paula. It made me think about what I'd include on my list. Thank you.

  11. I would have to agree with most of the seven things you picked. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of visiting Ireland or England, but they are on my "To Do" list.

    I also wanted to remind you about the “Wonderland Giveaway” Blogfest you signed up to be a part. I look forward to your post!