Friday, 2 September 2011

10 Fun Questions (and my answers)

Many thanks to Sylvia Ney at Writing in Wonderland for awarding me a Blog on Fire award, for which I have to answer some interesting questions!

 1.  Are you a rutabaga?
Here in the UK we call them swedes.  So the short answer is, no, I’m not a Swede.  Never even been to Sweden!

2.  Who is your current crush?
Colin Firth comes high on my list at the moment, but my long-time favourite is Martin Sheen, especially as Jed Bartlet in ‘The West Wing.’

3. Upload a heart-warming picture that makes you smile.

This is one of my daughters with her new kitten.

4.When was the last time you ate vine-ripened tomatoes?
Erm – I have absolutely no idea! 

5. Name one habit that causes people to plot your demise.
Not exactly a habit, but I do devise quizzes which drive people crazy, they blame me when they become addicted to working out the answers, so I guess that’s when they’d love to kill me!  

6. What’s the weirdest, most disgusting job you’ve ever had to do?
About 30 years ago we had a caravan (trailer) on a site in the English Lake District.  Actually it was just one of five caravans in a field, which had no modern facilities.  So we had to have a chemical toilet, and had to empty the contents into a manhole in the field.  I leave it to your imagination the smell from the manhole when we lifted the lid.  It was the job we always dreaded at the end of any visit to the caravan!

7. Where da muffin top at?
Not sure what this actually means!  But enough to say I don’t really like any kind of muffins!  Weird, aren’t I?  But I don’t have a sweet tooth at all. 

8. Which author introduced you to your genre?
I think maybe it was Charlotte Bronte, since I’ve always loved ‘Jane Eyre’.  I’ve read lots of other (modern) romances, of course, but I don’t have any special favourites. 

9. Describe yourself using obscure Latin words.
Eheu, fugaces labuntur anni  - Alas, the fleeting years slip away
(And the older you get, the faster they go – but I can’t translate that into Latin!)

10. Who else deserves this award?
Do I really have to choose?  I know so many bloggers whose posts I enjoy.
So anyone who leaves a comment for me is entitled to this coveted award (and do let me know when you’ve posted your answers!)


  1. Yup, can't help but love Martin Sheen. And the kitten is so adorable.

  2. Glad we agree about Martin Sheen, Donna!

  3. These are great questions! So different from the typical interview. Love it. Although I may have to seriously question our friendship if you don't have a sweet tooth (on second thought, that leaves more for me!).

  4. Hi Jen - I have to admit to an occasional (and overpowering) urge for chocolate, but you can have the muffins LOL.

  5. And I posted my answers over on my blog. Thanks ;)

  6. I want to see one of those quizzes!

  7. Cute picture. The kitty seems as engrossed with the computer as your daughter.

    My tomatoes are taking forever to ripen...waiting for those first ones from the vine...they are really late this year.

  8. Love your answers, Paula, and they were tough questions! Love the photo of the cat reading the screen.

  9. I love the picture of your daughter and her kitty :-)

    And from a fellow English, thanks. I wondered what a rutabaga was every time I saw it but kept forgetting to look it up :-)

  10. These are great answers Paula--I don't think I'll do this one right now. But it sure was fun to read your answers! Cheers, Jenn.

  11. Ana - I looked for the quiz, but I must have deleted it, sorry!

    Debra - hope you enjoy your tomatoes when they ripen!

    Rosemary - the questions certainly made me think! And yes, the kitten looks so sweet, doesn't she?

    Sarah - I had to check on whether a rutabaga was a swede or turnip!

    Jenn - glad you enjoyed my answers.

    Thank you all for visiting.

  12. Paula - I like Martin Sheen, but I would have to choose Colin Firth over him - swoon!