Friday, 17 February 2012

First Feedback for 'Fragrance of Violets'

It's always a nerve-wracking time, waiting for the first feedback about your recently released novel.  No matter that my critique partners loved it (eventually, after they'd helped me to sort out a few tricky moments) or that my publisher accepted it, or that my editor thought it was a great story...

Far more important is what the 'average' reader thinks of it!

This week I've had two messages about "Fragrance of Violets"which have not only helped to put my mind at rest, but even resulted in the fist in air 'yesss' moment.

The first came from a reader in California:
"I thoroughly enjoyed Fragrance of Violets. It's another page turner, especially with that secret hovering over most of the story. I kept wondering when someone was going to spill the beans, because of course, there had to be the conflict between our couple before we could have the happy ending. :-) I'm glad to see that another novel has been accepted by your publisher so that I have more to look forward from you."

The second came via Facebook this morning:
"Wow, excellent, what a rollercoaster, you owe me a box of tissues!"
I hope that means tears of happiness when the hero and heroine finally overcome their problems and conflicts and get together for their happy ending!

So - two satisfied readers. Hope it's going to be third time lucky too!

By the way, today I'm interviewed on the Romantic Novelists' Association blog. Finally I'm starting to think I really AM a Romantic Novelist!

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  1. Excellent reviews, Paula - you can breathe out now!