Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Blogfest 2012 - Make a Wish

Today’s host for Blogfest 2012 is Tree Girly. The writing prompt for today is: Make a wish - what talent would you wish for?

I’ve always wished I could sing and act! In my younger days, I did try some acting, but I wasn’t very good, and as for my singing – well, forget it! Instead, I diverted my energies into directing musical shows, and encouraging/helping others who did have these talents. I directed a dozen or so shows with young people and it was so good to see them blossom from nervous ten-year-olds, who tucked themselves at the back of the chorus, into confident mid-teens taking leading roles in the shows. A couple of them even went on into the professional theatre.

As for me, well, I carry on dreaming of being Calamity Jane, Maria in The Sound of Music, Ensign Nelly Forbush in South Pacific), or Eponine in Les Mis!

Maybe my 'frustrated dream' is one of the reasons why the heroines in my two of my novels have been actresses! Jess in 'Hs Leading Lady' was an accomplished amateur actress/singer who was thrust onto the professional stage in London's West End, and found the fulfilment of her dream (as well as her dream man of course). In contract, Abbey in 'Fragrance of Violets' was suffering a crisis of confidence after failing to get the role of her dreams, but then finds out there was a reason for that ...
If you could play a part in any musical show, who would you like to play?
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  1. You have a wonderful talent for pulling talent together -- and for writing wonderful novels!! I sure enjoy your books!!

    I don't sing as well as I once could--but when I was a child, I wanted to be Little Orphan Annie in the musical Annie. I could sing rather well and grew up in school and church choirs. They would have had to teach me some acting--but I think I could have pulled it off in the theater. I did well with acting in college.

    Great post :) Cheers, Jenn.

  2. I always wanted to be a big band singer like Lita Roza, that would suit me fine, no need to put me in a show, a big band will do - er and can you give me a voice too!

  3. Thanks, Jenn - one of my daughters always wanted to play Annie too!
    I suppose it's the teacher in me that wants to draw the talent out, especially in young people.

  4. Lita Roza - now there's a blast from the past, Margaret. I'd forgotten about her! And Alma Cogan too!

  5. nice to know we can at least live out our dreams in our novel writing!

  6. I have often said writing allows me to be whatever I might have been had I gone a different direction or had I had a different talent! You have very successfully done exactly that.

    I really like this wish of yours, but I think you are doing just fine Off stage.

  7. Sandra - I'm sure that's what I was doing when I decided my heroines were actresses!

  8. Thanks, Jo - and yes, writing does give us the chance to be and do whatever we want!

  9. You write novels and get them published!! That is amazing in itself. If I could act, which I can't, I think it would be fun to be Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Such a fun post Paula!!


  10. Ooh yes, Eliza Doolittle, Kathy. I forgot about her. Now doing a quick (tuneless) rendering of 'Wouldn't it be loverley?'

  11. I'd like to be Calamity Jane :) Great post!

  12. I totally think that you could sing and act. You write so well, there's no reason you couldn't do these things just as well! Go for it!