Tuesday, 13 November 2012

You've got the 'LOOK'

Thanks to a fellow author, Francine Howarth, for tagging me with the ziggy zig zag tag—“You've got the LOOK!"

As part of this tag, I have to take my most recent work in progress or my current manuscript and search for the word "look," then post the surrounding paragraphs/text.

My current ‘work in progress’ is ‘Different Worlds’. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the first draft, but I know there’ll be a lot of revision to do!

Provisional Blurb:
They live in different worlds. Beth is a successful actress based in London, Luke is a veterinary surgeon in the Lake District. She’s still grieving for her beloved husband, killed two years earlier. He’s facing a bitter custody battle for his two children.
Mutual attraction draws them together even though there seems to be more to keep them apart. The advice of an aging actress may come too late to bring them together, but will they have the courage to admit their love for each other, and find a way to reconcile their different worlds?

This excerpt comes from the first chapter. Beth has driven up to the Lake District for a week’s film shoot there, and stops off at the local supermarket.

As she turned to put the ham in her shopping trolley, she bumped against someone who was also surveying the meat.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” She glanced quickly round at the tall man in a thick sheepskin jacket before she started to push her trolley to the cash desk.
“No problem,” he said, and then, “Hey, I know you, don’t I?”
With a small grimace of resignation, she half-turned back to him. Probably he’d seen her on television. It had happened before. Either that, or it was the worst chat-up line ever.
“I don’t think so.” She gave him a perfunctory smile as her eyes took in his rugged face and his dark wavy hair, not exactly tousled, but certainly untamed. It was actually more attractive than the exquisitely styled men’s hair she usually saw.
The man frowned momentarily before his face cleared. “You look a bit like my mother-in-law.”
Beth’s eyes widened. “Really?” She suppressed a sudden grin. That was definitely a different kind of chat-up comment.
“No, not really. She has short straight hair, not long like yours. And her face is rounder.”
She couldn’t help but laugh. “So I’m nothing like her?”
“Well, you’re much younger, of course, but it’s your eyes, I think. The same colour. Unusual.”
“Brown eyes are unusual?”
“Sort of coppery. I’m useless with colours but that’s what she said hers were.”
“Oh, I see.”
She glanced at his dark chocolate eyes which twinkled as he smiled. For some reason, the glint of amusement made her heart beat faster.
Last but not least, I'm supposed to tag 5 more ziggy zig zag writers and let them know they've been tagged so that they too can share their current work in progress with the rest of the blogging community!
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  1. Yup - 'you look a bit like my mother in law' is a different sort of chat up line and could be a rather dangerous one at that!!

    Great excerpt though, Paula.

    Love, Janice xx

  2. Thanks for the tag. I will play along soon! :)

  3. What a great non-chat-up line! I like the sound of Luke already. And supermarkets are great places to meet too (not that it's ever happened to me, but some of my characters tell me). I'm absolutely certain I'm going to love this story, Paula.
    Thanks for tagging me - sounds great fun and I'm definitely up for it.
    Lyn -x-

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for participating!

    Love the premise of this one: second-time-around romance. Hee hee, had to laugh at the chat up line. Classic faux pas... ;)


  5. Janice - not the best chat-up line, was it?

    Glynis - 'look' forward to seeing yours ;-)

    Cheers, Lyn - and yes I remember your supermarket too!

    Francine - glad you liked the line! :-) Thanks for tagging me for this one!

  6. Thanks for the tag, Paula. I love the excerpt, and wonder if my sons-in-law would have a clue what colour my eyes are! :-) Will do my best re tagging