Thursday, 28 March 2013

Always a Writer?

Continuing my Thursday Challenge to myself to click ‘Random Article’ in Wikipedia and write about whatever article comes up first, and also link the topic in some way to writing.
Today’s article is about someone called Derek Drymon, who evidently is a storyboard artist and animated cartoonist. He’s worked on various cartoon including SpongeBob SquarePants, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda (plus others I’d never heard of!)
I have no drawing ability at all, even though my grandfather was an amateur artist. He was also a very keen gardener, and often painted pictures of his prize-winning dahlias. Sadly, his  artistic and gardening skills have not been passed on to me or, to my knowledge, to any of his descendants.
One part of the article about Mr Drymon did capture my attention though. As a child he enjoyed drawing and making comic books. I wonder how many of today’s writers first started as children? I certainly did. I remember having a brown exercise book in which I wrote my stories when I was about eight or nine.
People sometimes ask me, “When did you become a writer?” My answer is, “When I first learnt to write.” Before that, the stories were in my head and I made up different scenarios for my dolls and teddy bear to act out. I never consciously ‘became’ a writer. In a sense, I’ve always been one. Writing is as natural to me as breathing!
How about you? Did you ‘decide’ to write, or have you always written stories?


  1. I think many of us started as children, Jackie, and I'm always bemused by people who say they 'decided' to write! To me, it's like saying 'I decided to breathe'!

  2. I hope I'll see you on the A to Z challenge again. This year, I'm focusing on Animal Spirit Guides for a Good Life. Please check out my postings:

  3. Thanks for visiting, Beth - Animal Spirit Guides sounds intriguing! My A-Z posts will be a tour of 15th century England.

  4. Interesting post, Paula. I wrote poetry from quite young, but my daughter started writing illustrated stories from about 6 or 7 - and all these years later, she now has a book being considered by an agent and has writing won prizes.

  5. I've never been able to write poetry, Rosemary. Congrats to your daughter! Neither of mine have ever shown any interest in writing!