Sunday, 15 September 2013

What kind of (Irish) road are you on?

My weekly challenge to myself is to click ‘Random Article’ on Wikipedia, write about whatever topic comes up, and connect it in some way to writing. At the moment I’m awaiting the publication date for my next novel, ‘Irish Inheritance’, and I’m wondering if it’s coincidence that last week’s random article was about some Irish islands, and this week’s is about an Irish road!
The article was about the R694 road in County Kilkenny, a 10 miles stretch of road between two small villages. Although I’ve been to Kilkenny, I don’t think I’ve been on this road. However, the article did make me think of various roads I have travelled on in Ireland.
On my first visit about 6 years ago, it seemed that practically every road had roadworks! The M50 motorway around Dublin was one set of works after another with the traffic diverted either to the right or left, depending on where the work was being done. It wasn’t just the major roads either. We were held up for ages on this small road in County Tipperary, when a large truck tried to squeeze past road works there!

Linking the topic of roads to writing is an easy task, because whenever we’re writing we’re on some kind of road. Here are some of my ‘road’ photos taken in Ireland to illustrate what I mean.

Connemara with the Twelve Bens ahead
When all’s going well, we’re on a clear road with a good view of our destination:

Road across the Burren in County Clare

Sometimes, however, we’re passing through barren land, when ideas are in short supply.
Other times we meet something that blocks our way, until we find out how to get through.
(Not easy to see but there was a barrier blocking the way here, in Galway City)  
It’s easy to be distracted from the view by something unexpected but maybe that distraction is just what you need for your next chapter!
(BTW What was this Garda man doing at the end of the deserted Sky Road in County Galway? Maybe waiting for the seagulls to start a riot?)

Sometimes you set off down a road with no idea where it's going or what you'll find around the next bend.
Near Croagh Patrick in County Mayo

And of course there are plenty of times when we simply have no idea which way to go next! 

But here’s wishing you a good straight road with no problems, and a clear view ahead.

What kind of road are you on right now?


  1. A bit of a twisty bendy one, Paula. I've been blogging a lot, as you've seen -thank you - but my WIP is a slow tortuous climb just now. I had this problem before when I started a project and had to abandon it for months. Picking it up and really getting back into it I find a rocky road. ;-)

  2. Very nice, Paula. That's wonderful idea for a writing prompt.

  3. Paula--what wonderful imagery and comparisons. You did a great job.
    Love the photos, too.
    Me? On the road uphill climb? Not smooth sailing right now..oops, that's about sailing, not driving.
    I enjoyed this so much!

  4. Nancy, my road is a twisty bendy one right now too. I know where I'm trying to get to, but not sure how to get there!

  5. Thanks, Rose. It's certainly been an interesting challenge!

  6. Very interesting comments, Paula, gorgeous pictures. Perhaps even cops can be romantic, ha ha.

  7. Celia, I did look for photos showing a road climbing uphill, because that's often how I feel, but I didn't have any. Perhaps a downhill one would have been useful too, for those times when something works out and we feel like we're on an easy downhill roll!

  8. Thanks, Margaret. All the masses of photos I've taken in Ireland are coming in useful. And I'm sure there's a story to be had about that cop parked at the end of the Sky Road. My mind is now working overtime ... :-)

  9. Re the Garda parked in a quiet spot. Have you checked he hasn't got a colleague in there with him? My other half (an HGV driver) and me have seen things you would not believe going on in police cars parked up out of the way.

  10. May the road rise up to meet you -- but not literally. Writing-wise mine is pretty clear. However, I'm stopping too often to sightsee. Time to travel on. Thanks for sharing the thoughts and images.

  11. LOL @ stopping to sightsee, Jan. I do that too :-) Many thanks for visiting me.