Thursday, 3 August 2017

An 'interview' with my hero

My first two Irish novels were re-released earlier this week, so here’s my imaginary interview with Guy Sinclair, the hero of the first book in the Mist Na Mara series, IRISH INHERITANCE.

I’m at Dublin Airport, hoping to catch Guy Sinclair who has just arrived from New York. Oh, there he is! Guy, can you tell us why you’ve come over to Dublin?
(Guy stifles a yawn.) Yes, of course, although you’ll have to excuse some incoherency. I managed to sleep for a while on the flight, but these overnight flights are a killer, aren’t they? Anyway, yes, I’m here to visit a Dublin lawyer, Daniel McGrath.

A lawyer? Why?
Good question. My New York lawyer told me I’ve inherited a half share of a house here in Ireland from some 90-year-old dame who died last year.

You don’t know who she is?
No, never heard of her. Someone called Helena Keating. She named my grandmother in her will, and, as my father died a few years ago and had no brothers or sisters, it seems I’m the only living descendant of my grandmother.

Where’s this house you've inherited?
I don’t know and, to tell you the truth, I’m not really interested in it. I’m only here because the lawyer insisted I had to see it before making any decision about it. It would have been much easier to stay home and simply instruct him to sell it.

You said you had a half share in the house. Do you know who has co-inherited it with you?
No idea. My lawyer didn’t have that information. Maybe it’s someone who’s as mystified as I am about all this.

If you want to sell the house, presumably this other person will have to agree?
Good point, but I’m hoping there won’t be any problems about that. I’d much rather have the money than a house in Ireland.

Well, I wonder who is Guy’s co-inheritor – and whether he will change his mind about selling the house?

Irish Inheritance
The last thing English actress Jenna Sutton expected is to inherit money – and half of a house in Ireland! When she discovers the handsome American artist she’s met at the airport is the recipient of the other half of the house, Jenna wonders what kind of trick fate is playing – for she certainly doesn’t need a man complicating her life now that she’s on the verge of stardom!
Guy Sinclair has fallen on hard times and sworn off actresses after being burned by his “ex”, Suzie. Selling the house he’s inherited – or his half of it – could be the new start he’s needed to get back to painting what really matters – art, not signage. But it doesn’t take more than five minutes in the presence of Ms.Jenna Sutton to make Guy realize that there’s much more than a house at stake here – his heart could be forfeit, as well.
Curious about their unknown benefactress and why they are considered ‘family’, Guy and Jenna discover surprising links to the original owners of the house. As they begin to unravel an intriguing tale of a 19th century love affair, they have no choice but to give in to their own attraction for one another.
Unavoidable events pull them back to their separate lives in London and the United States, and tension builds over their impending decision about the house - to sell or not to sell? And once that decision is final, what will become of them?
Will their IRISH INHERITANCE bring them together - or drive them apart forever?

U.K: “Once this book had its hooks in me, I read from beginning to end, non-stop. I could not break away. The sense of mystery and drama is brilliantly balanced and the characters are believable, likeable, and compelling. The scenes, as they are set in the mind's eye, bring a magical quality all of their own. It is one of those stories that, when you realize it is drawing to a close, you feel you want to make it last somehow. There are not enough stars available - this is the best story I have read in a long time.”

U.K: “A lovely absorbing story of a mysterious inheritance in the superb Irish countryside, so excellently described. I empathized with Jenna and Guy, wanted things to go well, and the questions posed kept me turning the pages. I thoroughly recommend this story.”

U.S.A: “Paula's description of the scenery and charm of the Irish countryside is amazing but most of all, I love the story. What a great plot, characters and setting. Could not put it down.”

U.S.A: “A beautiful story within a story, so much more than a romance. I loved the historic puzzles that ultimately link the lives from another time to the present day characters. And a mysterious Irish estate with its own secrets that ultimately draws all the characters together. The journey uncovering family histories, long forgotten, propels you through the story as much as the modern day characters and the relationships they forge. I very much enjoyed my first trip to Ireland via this book.”

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