Tuesday, 24 July 2012

7777 Challenge!

Teresa Cypher has tagged me!  She said (and I'm blushing!):

Paula Martin writes romance. I recently read her newest release, "Changing the Future" and loved it. I'm not a romance reader, but had read Six Sunday snippets and gave it a shot. Review worthy. :-) Paula is a wonderful writer and I'd like to get a glimpse of seven from her next project.

(And many thanks to Teresa for her 5* review)

The instructions are to post seven lines from an unpublished work of fiction by following these rules:
  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post the next 7 lines or sentences on your blog as they are (no cheating, please!)
  • Tag 7 other authors to do the same.

My current WIP: "Different Worlds"

Eventually the truth she hadn’t wanted to admit forced its way into her mind. Disappointment. Yes, admit it, Beth. You were disappointed when he only gave you a quick parting kiss on the cheek.

She chewed her bottom lip for a few seconds as she tried to forget the melting effect of his kiss the previous Sunday. Her mind, however, refused to cooperate, and she blew out a long breath. She’d hoped for—and wanted, if she was being totally honest—the same kind of kiss tonight.

Now I have to tag 7 other authors to do the same:

Celia Yeary - Romance - and a little bit of Texas
Rosemary Gemmell - Reading and Writing
Jennifer Wilck - Fried Oreos
K.E.Saxon - Author of Red Hot Romance
Lynette Sofras - Manic Scribbler
Gilli Allan - Writer Cramped
Sandra Sookoo - Believing is Seeing

Have fun, and don't forget to let me know when you've posted your 7!


  1. I love those sentences. That's a great excerpt and makes me want to read more. Great job. And thanks for tagging me! I'll get to it soon, but possibly not til next week.

  2. Thanks, Jen. I'm really struggling with this story at the moment, so am relieved that this 7 came across okay! Good luck with yours!

  3. Thanks, Paula. As my late mother in law used to say, "You're a peach." Your book deserves every word I wrote about it.

    And your next project looks wonderful. You write such great characters--and do it in a way that I can jurt slide right inside their heads!

    I'm going to check out your seven choices now. :-)

  4. Thank you so much, Teresa - you really can't have any idea how much your words mean to me after the real depressed day I've had today. In the words of your mother in law, you're a peach too! :-)

  5. Okay, finally got to it today! Thanks again for the tag.