Thursday, 11 April 2013

Just for Fun

A slight diversion today, mainly because we didn’t visit anywhere starting with ‘J’ on our 15th century tour. Instead, I’ll show a few of the funny moments during our visits.

On our way back from York, we crossed the Towton Battlefield and stopped at Dacre’s Cross in the middle of the battlefield as we saw white roses on the cross. Although it was raining, I insisted on having a photo taken pointing to the ‘lone hawthorn tree’ (on the horizon) which marks the position of the right flank of the Yorkist forces. My friend was interrupted twice from taking the photo because of passing cars – and, as there were puddles in the road, each time I got sprayed with water. You can’t actually tell from this photo but, believe me, I was soaking wet! I wonder, too, what the occupants of the passing cars thought of this strange woman standing in the rain, pointing to an empty field!

This photo was taken on our second visit to the Bosworth battlefield, and in particular to the site where Richard III was killed. It was in the evening, and slightly misty, and it seemed oddly significant that in the next field to the memorial stone were two horses – definitely a reminder of ‘A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse’!!

On a visit to the church at Ashby St Leger, (home of William Catesby, one of Richard’s most trusted councillors and Chancellor of the Exchequer), we discovered that a carpet covered the memorial brass to Catesby. My friend was in the midst of rolling back this carpet when the churchwarden came in and demanded to know what we were doing! When we explained, he very kindly gave us a guided tour of the whole church – and held back the carpet so we could take photos of the brass.

One of our visits to York coincided with the River Ouse being in flood – and here was the sign outside the King’s Arms pub (with a pub sign showing Richard III) which stands on the banks of the river. The flood was actually much lower than it had been earlier in the year, when the water was almost to the top of the ground floor windows of the pub (try to imagine that in the photo below).

Finally, here is Richard III at Middleham Castle! In July 2000 a Medieval Festival was held at Middleham, with a group of re-enactors, portraying Richard, Anne Neville, Elizabeth of York, Thomas Stanley, Margaret Beaufort, and Buckingham. It was slightly surreal seeing ‘Richard’ striding  around the castle grounds in between their performances, and even more so, later in the afternoon, to sit chatting to Richard and Stanley (still in costume) outside a café in Middleham!


  1. Yes, funny and rainy! I could tell.

  2. "Just for fun" - great way around "J."

    Love the costuming.

    Visiting from GBE 2: Blog On group.

  3. Glad you all enjoyed the fun!

  4. "J" is for Joy? What a great number of adventures you have had, Paula. And thank you for sharing them with us. I'll be back again soon.

  5. How wonderful to have visited this historical site and the costumes really add to the experience!

  6. Linda, historical re-enactments are always good fun!

  7. Oh yes, I do love your historical adventures, and this one did indeed look just for fun!