Monday, 22 April 2013

Shropshire Castles

We spent a great day in Shropshire, visiting three different castles.
The first was Moreton Corbet Castle, which is part medieval castle and part Elizabethan mansion. The castle was built in the 13th century by the Toret family, and was inherited by Richard de Corbet in 1235. His descendant, Robert Torbet, started to build a new mansion in the 16th century, but after he died of plague in 1583, his two brothers continued the building. The buildings  are still owned by the Corbet family (who live elsewhere) but they are managed by English Heritage.
It’s said that the grounds are haunted by the ghost of Paul Holmyard who was a Puritan at a time when they were being persecuted, and was given protection by Vincent Corbet. However, Vincent got scared and forced Paul to leave, taking shelter in the nearby woods until his death. One day, Paul appeared to Vincent and put a curse on him. From that day, Vincent never lived at the mansion house again (can’t say that I blame him!)

Acton Burnell Castle was a fortified manor house, built in the 13th century by Robert Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Chancellor of England 1274-92, and a close friend and confidante of Edward I. When the king stayed here in 1283, he summoned one of the first Parliaments to be attended by the Commons as well as the Lords. This Parliament passed a law for the regulation of trade, which as a result was known as the Statute of Acton Burnell.
Stokesay Castle is one of the best preserved fortified manor house, dating from the 13th century. It was built by Lawrence Ludlow, a leading wool merchant, and by some good fortune it escaped destruction during the 17th century Civil War, when so many other castles were destroyed. Thus it gives a very good impression of the homes of the rich in medieval times.


  1. The second one - the fortified manor house looks fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  2. If you're ever in Shropshire, you must visit Stokesay, Claudia!

    Shelley, each castle or manor house has its own unique fascination. They're all so different.

  3. WOW! A fellow castle enthusiast! I'm delighted to have stopped by on castle day. I think a visit to Middleham Castle in Yorkshire is a must.

  4. Elaine, you said it right! Middleham is my favourite of all the castles we have here in England! You can simply soak up the medieval atmosphere there.

  5. As we drove through England last year we stopped at so many castles, yet I never heard of these three. Nice photos and information. Thanks.

    Visiting from AtoZ #41

  6. What's better than a normal castle? A haunted one!

  7. You visit some of the neatest places, Paula. Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. OOH, I love the idea of Paul haunting the Corbet castle because Vincent got scared and booted him out into the forest.

    Great photos and stories, Paula. Always so interesting and fascinating.