Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lucky Seven

I've been tagged by Jarmara Falconer and Joanne Stewart to do the Lucky 7.

The rules are: Go to page 77 of your story, go to line 7 and copy the next 7 lines/sentences - no cheating. Post it and tag 7 authors to pass it on.

These are my 7 from ‘His Leading Lady’, my contemporary romance set in London’s West End theatre world. Jess has been impersonating her twin sister Lora and, once theatre director Kyle Drummond discovers her pretence, she tells him there were limits to what she was prepared to do for Lora’s sake.

“Kissing me wasn’t one of the limits, was it?”

She heard his amused tone and felt the flush creep to her cheeks. “I’m used to kissing my leading men on stage. What makes you think last night was any different? You thought I was Lora and I was acting as Lora.”

Kyle leant back against the car seat. “No, I didn’t think you were Lora.”

If you want to know more (or check that I haven't cheated!), you can buy a download of ‘His Leading Lady’ for just 99c this month, from the Whiskey Creek Press website. But you’ll have to be quick – this special sale price will end on March 31st!


  1. Aha! The moment of truth! Yay! :) I love that last line!

  2. LOL, Lorraine! So now she's back to wondering about his kiss again!

  3. Wonderful! I love the tension in the piece. It's a will he/won't he piece.

  4. A good excerpt - if I hadn't read the book, I'd be hot-footing to get it now!

  5. Thanks, Jarmara and Rosemary :-)

  6. Oooh, Paula,

    That teaser is just too tempting. I'm getting it. Sounds like something I want to read right now!

  7. Wow, thanks Nina! Hope you enjoy it. Let me know!