Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kreative Blogger

I've been given the Kreativ Blogger Award! My first 'duty' is to thank the giver, Sylvia Ney, and give you the link to her great blog http://writinginwonderland.blogspot.co.uk/   Many thanks, Sylvia :-)

And now I have to:
1. Answer the ten questions
2. Provide ten random facts about yourself.
3. Last, but not at all least, hand this on to seven deserving others.

Ten Questions (that only scratch the surface):

1. What is my favorite song?
It's impossible to pick just one. I’ve had so many different favourites over the years. But I love all the songs from ‘Les Miserables’ and can’t wait for the movie version to come out at the beginning of next year (especially as it stars Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean)

2. What is my favorite dessert?
I’m not really a dessert eater, I prefer savoury to sweet, but apple pie with lots of custard can tempt me.

3. What ticks me off?
People who complain all the time and/or who are negative about everything and everyone.

4. What do I do when I'm upset?
Cry, then open a can of beer!

5. What is or has been my favorite pet?
My cat who even in her 18th (and final year) year was still called ‘Baby’.

6. Which do I prefer: white or wheat? White.

7. What is my biggest fear?
Anything bad happening to any of my family or friends.

8. What is my attitude mostly?
Positive and upbeat, on the whole, although I can get some negative vibes when my book sales slump.

9. What is perfection?
The most perfect week I ever spent was at a Luxor hotel on the banks of the Nile. After a week’s Nile cruise, when we were up at the crack of dawn to visit many amazing ancient sites, it was wonderful to relax at this hotel. The cruise had already given me the inspiration for a novel, so I sat on the hotel terrace, overlooking the Nile and the Theban Hills on the west bank, and wrote the first two chapters. (That novel comes out next November)

10. What is your guilty pleasure?
Only one? Maybe it’s my favourite pub lunch – fish, chips and mushy peas.

Ten Random Facts about me.....
1. My star sign is Leo.
2. I hate ironing – with a passion!
3. My car’s a Ford Focus, as was my previous car and the one before that…
4. I prefer Costa coffee to Starbucks coffee.
5. There was a 31 year gap between my 4th published novel and my 5th (last year)
6. I’ve run a social group for over-50’s since 1999.
7. I hate snow.
8. I love quizzes, maybe because my mind retains all kinds of useless trivia.
9. I want to see the Grand Canyon.
10.I hate being without access to the internet.

Now I have to pass this award on to 7 others, so I’m choosing some of my regular ‘Six Sentence Sunday’ commenters, with my thanks for their on-going support:
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  1. Nice facts about you :) and congrats for the award!

  2. Great answers, Paula! I too prefer Costa - and you're certainly making up for those gap years in writing!