Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Romancing the Hop - winner!

The winning comment on last weekend’s ‘Romancing the Hop’ bloghop came from Allyson. In response to my question about the most thrilling aspect of falling in love, she wrote:
The butterflies in your stomach when that person walks in the room...How you have each other’s complete attention...That first dance when everyone else in the room disappears...then it can be the simple things that let you know you care...
I loved this description!
There were many other excellent descriptions too. Anticipation figured highly, but here are some other descriptions:
- the whole romance of attraction - even with those seemingly out of our reach
- finding out about the other person. Kinda like unwrapping a nummy piece of chocolate
- the romantic tension, the lingering looks and tentative touches
- the tingling feeling and the feeling of complete and utter comfort
- discovering new things about each other and finding out new things you have in common
- the whole world looks different and you feel like a different person, too
- making a unique connection with another person
- it's like starting a new journey. everything is thrilling
- exploring all the differences that each person brings to the relationship
- the surprises
- the trust and respect built between the characters
- how just a look from them can make you blush, and how their touch can just set you off
- It's kind of like a feeling of being high
- being with that person makes everything all better. Like nothing can go wrong is his arms.
- the realization that they are "the one". That moment when it clicks that after waiting and looking for your other half, you've finally found them.
- all the feelings are new, intense and beautiful!
- the growing intimacy and chemistry {non sexual} between people.
- you get all tingly when you know you're gonna see him real soon
- that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know you are about to see or talk to the person that you have fallen in love with.
- The yearning and all encompassing feeling for that person... magic
- the beginning when you first realize they like you too
- the knowing that you love them for who they are and they love you for the same
And last but not least:
The most thrilling aspect of falling in love has to be the "honeymoon" phase when reality hasn't hit and you're madly in love. Of course if you can last beyond that stage, then you can reap the rewards of a loving and committed relationship.
I do use a lot of these emotions in my contemporary romances. If we can bring all these things into our stories, we’ll keep everyone happy!

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  1. Great stuff. Looks like anticipation and that undefinable 'tingle' seem to be the winners!