Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I'm Grateful For ...

Daphne Steinberg’s chosen topic for the Writers’ Post hop this week asks us to list the things we are grateful for. So here’s my list, using the letters of the word ‘Grateful’:
G = Grandsons
I’ve loved watching my grandsons grow up and am so proud of the fine young men they have become. They’re now 24 and 18, so maybe it won’t be too long before I have some Great Grandchildren!
R = Romance
Real-life romance has eluded me for many years, but now I find my ‘romance’ in writing my novels. I can fall in love with my heroes without having to wash and iron their shirts!
A = Answers
I love finding answers, whether they’re the answers to quizzes (I admit it, I’m a trivia addict) or the answers I discover when I’m researching something for one of my novels, or the answer to a tricky plot point in a story – the ‘a-ha’ moment when the light-bulb flashes in my mind is one of the best parts of writing!
T = Travel
I love travelling – well, maybe not the actual 'getting there' part, but the opportunity to see new places. During the last few years, I’ve visited places I never thought I would ever see, and the highlight of them all was Egypt, two years ago (which inspired my latest release, 'Her Only Option' and my gorgeous hero, archaeologist Ross McAllister). One of my trips this year is already booked, to Croatia, which will be a new experience as I’ve never been to the Balkan area of Europe before.
E = Education
I’m grateful I was educated at a time when basic English grammar was drummed into us because it’s now so ingrained in me and I don’t have any problems with it. More than that, however, I’m grateful for an education which taught me to be curious about everything and anything. It’s over 50 years since I left school, but I am still learning – and I still love learning about something new. Well, maybe except how this computer actually works!
F = Facebook
Yes, really! I have made so many Friends via Facebook. They may be online friends, but I know if I met them in ‘real life’ we would greet each other like old friends, because that’s what we’ve become over the last few years.
U – Unbelievable
So many ‘un’ words are negative – unkind, unhelpful, unfriendly etc – but in this case, it’s a positive. It means ‘beyond one’s wildest dreams, or incredible’ – and sometimes we forget about all the unbelievably wonderful things we see around us, or fail to appreciate the unbelievable things that have happened in our lives. So yes, I’m grateful for the unbelievables!
L = Les Miserables
I have to include this, because it is my favourite musical of all time. I’ve seen the stage show about 10 times, mainly in London, and I’m waiting (impatiently!) for the movie to be released here on Jan 11th, not least to see one of my favourite men, Hugh Jackman. I’ve already booked for the first showing at the cinema, and I’m sure I will be going to see it many times (and buying the DVD as soon as it’s available)



  1. Love that post, Paula - great idea to use the word grateful! Wishing you a very happy, healthy and successful 2013. And I must say, I'll be going to see the Les Mis film too, even though it's not my favourite musical!

  2. Many thanks, Rosemary. Just one more week until I see Les Mis!