Sunday, 13 January 2013

Six Sentence Sunday

Another excerpt from ‘Her Only Option’. After Neve and Ross return from the tunnel to the burial chamber, he kisses her and tells her he wants to make love to her. When she turns towards the passage out of the burial chamber, he pulls her back.
“We both felt it. Why are you denying it?”
“I didn’t feel anything,” she lied.
Quickly she moved towards the passage, knowing she had to get away. Away from his hands, his mouth, his hard male body, and the transparent desire in his eyes. Away, too, from the sensations his kiss had aroused in her and from the churning tension in her stomach.
‘Her Only Option’ is still leading the Romance Novel poll in the Preditors and Editors 2012 poll. If you haven’t yet voted, I’d be very grateful for your vote at
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Voting ends tomorrow, and I’d be devastated if someone did a last minute sprint and pipped me at the post!

Many thanks!
'Her Only Option’ is available from Whiskey Creek Press and from Amazon, as e-book or paperback.
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  1. I have a feeling that lie will come back to bite her!

  2. I'm getting a bad feeling about that burial chamber. That's great news about how well you're fairing in the poll. Congratulations!

  3. She'll eventually admit it was a lie, Sarah!

    Thanks, Jess - I'm just keeping everything crossed from now until the voting ends tomorrow!

  4. I don't think she'll stay away from him for long. Nice six! :)

  5. She can leave now but I'm betting she will be back for more LOL. Excellent excerpt!

  6. Sounds to me like she "felt" something!

  7. She can only lie to herself and him for so long! Great tension!


  8. Terrific conflict. I want to know why she's running and what she's really running from!

  9. I may have to get this one too--but my TBR pile is getting too high for a woman my age!

  10. Why would ANYONE want to move away from "his hands, his mouth, his hard male body, and the transparent desire in his eyes"? Sigh. Looking forward to reading the rest!

  11. I'm very nervous about the burial chamber too. As for his hard male body...I'm guessing she'll put it to good use. :)

  12. Jessica and Veronica - you're both right!

    Taryn - she did but is trying to deny it!

    Angela - very true - and thanks very much for voting :-)

    Joanne - at the moment, I think she's trying to run away from herself.

    Sue Ann - I know what you mean, I daren't even count how many TBR books I have on my Kindle!

    Karysa - she'll be exploring all those things later in the story ;-)

    Gem - no need to worry about the burial chmaber, I'm not having any mummies coming back to life :-)

  13. Loving the tension and the internal conflict. Fab 6.

  14. Aaarrrgggh! Coward! Great six, Paula, even if I do want to strangle her for running. I imagine Ross feels the same. :)

  15. LOL - great six! She can run away physically, but that kiss is going to haunt her.

  16. Thanks, S.J.

    Siobhan - he's more concerned that he's blown everything now!

    Lorraine -you're absolutely right!