Sunday, 6 January 2013

Six Sentence Sunday

Another excerpt from my latest release, “Her Only Option” set in Egypt. After Neve and Ross return from the tunnel to the burial chamber, he kisses her, and tells her he wants to make love to her.
Ross caught both her hands in his and laughed. “I don’t mean now or here, especially not with all those ancient figures on the wall watching us. I’d prefer somewhere more comfortable, when we have all the time in the world.”
The word ‘time’ reached into her confused mind and, wrenching her hands from Ross’s grasp, she looked at her watch. “It’s quarter to five—I have to get back to the ship—I can’t miss the sailing.” She swung round to the exit from the burial chamber.
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‘Her Only Option’ received another 5* review this week: "Yet another wonderful story from Paula Martin. Loved the characters and the twists and turns of the story which included a bit of mystery this time. As part of the backdrop, enjoyed the look at the Egyptian tourist and archaeological scenes."

'Her Only Option’ is available from Whiskey Creek Press and from Amazon, as e-book or paperback.

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  1. Great six, Paula! Hope she desides there's a little time to spend with him.

    Voted! Good luck!

  2. Success, I got my vote in for you :) Hope Neve doesn't miss the boat, or do I, lol

  3. Oh, as if she just left him there without a response. Great six! :-)

  4. Way to leave a man hanging! Nice six, Paula and congrats on your great review.

  5. Oh man! Way to leave us hanging Paula!

  6. Your opening paragraph made me laugh. Great six!

  7. Thanks,Sara - she'll be spending a lot of time with him, but not just yet!

    Thanks, Donna!

    Many thanks for voting, S.J.

    Thanks, Jessica. She's very confused right now!

    Thanks, Kate, and she's definitely leaving him hanging!

    Angela - more next week!

    Jess - at least he's being realistic LOL

  8. I don't think that was the response he was expecting!

  9. Probably just as well for her not to give in too easily, whatever her reason or excuse! Enjoying this story very much - great six!

  10. Great scene, hope she decides to spend time with him later :).

  11. Well gosh, that was abrupt. Was she relieved to have remembered? Does she regret rushing out of there? I look forward to reading!

  12. Thanks, Veronica. She's trying to escape to sort out her feelings.

    Thanks, Krsytal :-)

    S.E. - don't worry, she'll be spending a LOT of time with him later!

    Karysa - she was trying to escape, but only to dealwith this unexpected turn of events!

  13. Oh, sweet and sexy six. Voted. Good luck!

  14. Great six! Does she miss the sailing? Oh, and good luck! :)

  15. Many thanks Gem and Lorraine - but no, she doesn't miss the sailing!