Monday 19 April 2021

A-Z Blogging Challenge - P is for Peter Stones

I wonder how many of readers recognise that name? Peter Stones is a ‘recurring’ minor, but often significant, character in five of my novels. In a sense, he is similar to the local policeman or postman in soap operas, who appear from time to time. In my stories, he is a director of stage and TV dramas.

Peter’s first appearance was actually in ‘Fragrance of Violets’ (published in 2011 but currently no longer available), when he was directing a West End production of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ and asked the heroine of the story to step in when one of the other actors had an accident.

In Irish Inheritance, Jenna is an out-of-work actor who auditions for a part in a TV adaptation of ‘Jane Eyre’. The auditioning panel consisted of the casting director, his assistant, and the director. Without even thinking about, I decided the director was Peter Stones, and then had to check back to remind myself of his appearance - a man with receding dark hair and black-rimmed glasses. After asking Jenna some difficult questions, he shows an interest in Jenna’s ancestor, a Victorian actress who disappeared without trace in the 1890s. At the end of the novel, Jenna informs her friend Charley that Peter Stones wants to make a 2-hour biopic about the actress, which would be filmed at Mist Na Mara.

Three years later, in Irish Intrigue, Charley returns reluctantly to Ireland to complete the filming of a 1930s drama at Waterside Hall. The director, of course, is Peter Stones.

In my fourth ‘Mist Na Mara novel, Irish Deceptions, the hero is Dan Nicholas, an actor who shot to stardom (and whose dark eyes enthralled millions of women) in ‘The Whelans at War’, a TV drama set during the Irish Civil War. The director was – yes, you’ve guessed it – Peter Stones. He also makes a brief appearance at the end of the story with some amazing news for Finny (see my ‘F’ blog!)

Peter even manages to sneak in (briefly) in Irish Shadows.

Now I’m wondering if, when, and how he will find his way into any of my future novels!

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