Wednesday, 1 August 2012

And the winner is ...

Many thanks to all who left comments on my post in the Hero Blog Hop at the weekend. I'm so pleased you all liked my heroes!

In the final count, Kyle (from 'His Leading Lady') received the most 'votes' with 16.  Paul (from 'Changing the Future') got 8, and Jack (from 'Fragrance of Violets') and Ross (from my not-yet-released 'Her Only Option') tied with 7 each.

Which is my favourite? Hard to say, as I fall in love with each of them while I'm writing about them!

And now for the winning commenter!  As my grandson will be 18 this month, I scrolled down to the 18th comment - which came from .... drum roll......M.S.Spencer!  Many congrats, Meredith!  I've sent an e-copy of 'Changing the Future'  to you and hope you will enjoy it.

Commiserations to everyone else, but hope my heroes prove attractive enough for you to download one (or more!) of my books. You can find them all by visiting my Amazon page

If they live up to your expectations, please let me know - you can find me on Facebook at

Many thanks to all who participated!


  1. Thanks so much Paula! And here I thought it was the brilliance of my comment that won me the prize...oh well, I'm not going to fuss. I won! I hope we all had fun on this hop. M. S.

  2. I did like the fact that you said you loved volcanoes, Meredith, so 18 was the lucky number for you! Hope you enjoy the book!