Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 16 - Niagara Falls

On Saturday, June 14th, we spent the day at the Falls. We parked up at Rapidsview, and caught the shuttle bus - now called WEGO instead of People Carrier.

From Table Rock we had a view of the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and in the distance, Rainbow Bridge.

I could stand for hours overlooking the edge of the Falls - marvelling at the sheer volume of water going over (600,000 gallons a second) - and at how the water looks green as it goes over the edge.

Here I am, avoiding the spray mist from the Horseshoe Falls.

After lunch (at Tim Horton's, of course!) we went by shuttle bus to the bottom of Clifton Hill, from where the boat tours start. On the Canadian side, they are now operated by Hornblower Cruises, while the famous 'Maid of the Mist' boats only run from the American side. So here I am again, this time in a yellow poncho, ready to sail up to the Falls.

First past the American Falls ...

And then up, close and personal with the Horseshoe Falls - by which time we were getting soaked by all the spray.

Then it was back downriver towards Rainbow Bridge.

And here's the view of both Falls from the Niagara Parkway.

We went back to the Table Rock Visitor Centre and went to the Niagara Fury - a short movie about how the Falls were created, with 'effects' - like the floors shaking and tipping - and of course we got soaked again (this time protected by blue plastic ponchos!)

From the upper floor of the Visitor Centre, we had a good view of the Horseshoe Falls...

A rainbow too, the first time I had seen a full one over the  Falls.


  1. Beautiful pics. A friend of mine is going to Niagara Falls this fall. You looked like you were having fun.

    1. Jan, I'm sure your friend will be as impressed as I am every time I see the Falls.

  2. We went to the Falls several years ago while visiting Toronto. It is truly spectacular, almost spiritual. And yes, the water does look so green and clear at the edge. Love your photo of the rainbow! (We also did the "get-soaked" boat ride.)

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I love the Falls - never get tired of seeing them!

  3. I'm with you on the power and beauty of the Falls. I stand in awe just gawking like a tourist when I see them. The sound is mesmerizing for me. The roar, the mist and the magnitude of it all! Beautiful a pics.

    1. I'm the same, Jo. I could stand overlooking the edge, and never tire of watching all that water going over!