Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 9 - Back to Vegas (via Route 66 - and London Bridge!)

Saturday, June 7th - and this was our last look at the Canyon from just outside Kachina Lodge.

After stopping at RP's for coffee and the best croissants in Arizona (in our opinion), we headed south to Williams, and then along Route 40 towards Kingman. Part way, we took a detour so that we could drive along the famous Route 66.

We stopped for a short time at Seligman which still retains he flavour of the old Route 66 - with a Roadkill Café

A Motel

And a General Store (with an interesting spelling of 'Memorabilia'!)

There was even an old London taxi!

Back on Route 40, we stopped at Kingman for lunch, and then took a 25 mile detour south to Lake Havasu City - although we did wonder why Robert McCulloch, the chainsaw manufacturer, decided to build this city in the middle of nowhere!

The main attraction in the city, apart from Lake Havasu itself (a reservoir on the Colorado river) is London Bridge, which McCulloch bought in the 1960s from the City of London (after it was deemed not sound enough for modern London traffic). The bridge was disassembled stone by stone, transported to Arizona, and rebuilt over a man-made canal.

Back on the road again, this sign amused me when we stopped for gas at one of the 'Terrible Herbst' gas stations. No idea why it's called that as the original owner was called Jerry Herbst, but the juxtaposition of Terrible's with McDonald's made me laugh.

Even better was this truck we followed up Route 95 back towards Vegas!

Finally we made it back to Vegas, checked in - and headed for the bar!

And Helen was still smiling even after driving 300+ miles!


  1. Seeing London Bridge must have made you feel a little at home, Paula. Do you remember it when it was there? I have to say I love the Tower Bridge much more--most beautiful bridge I've seen!

  2. Yes, I saw the 'old' London Bridge back in the 50s and 60s, Elaine. And I agree that Tower Bridge has a more dramatic effect since it is unique. Love seeing the drawbridge coming up too, although I've only seen that happening two or three times in all the many times I've been to London.

  3. Paula, I think the song "On The Road Again" might have fit your travels in this post. Ah, the memories. I traveled Route 66 when it was the only souothern way to get to the California Coast. I'm loving the memories you are reviving. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, Linda - glad you're enjoying the memories - and yes, I did do a lot of travelling!

  5. I have a buddy in Lake Havasu...But I've yet to visit there. It looks lovely in her pictures and lots of Hollywood stars vaca there.

    1. Jo, Lake Havasu City is in the middle of nowhere! And I didn't see any Hollywood stars either!