Thursday, 10 July 2014

Days 12 - 15 At St Catharines, Ontario

June 10th - 13th: I'm combining the next few days in this blog, mainly because I don't have many photos to show you!
Tuesday was a "resting"day after all my travels the previous week, but it was fun watching the birds taking a bath, especially this cardinal.
It wasn't until Wednesday that I felt I really was in Canada - with a visit to Tim Horton's, of course! 
I had my usual chicken salad wrap and latte -
- and just look at all these donuts!
In contrast, this small bakery in St.Catharines was a reminder of home, as the owners came originally from my home town of Preston in Lancashire. They bake traditional British pies and cakes too!
On Thursday evening I met Finnegan - as well as my friend's daughter Sue and grandson Thomas.
Friday started with another thunderstorm, the second in two days -but at least this one wasn't accompanied by a tornado warning like the first one (and I'm so glad I didn't know about that at the time!). At lunchtime we went to Murphy's Restaurant at Port Dalhousie...
...where I was delighted to meet up with my cousin Derek who had driven over from Guelph where he now lives. We grew up together (in the afore-mentioned town of Preston), but he moved to Canada once he finished University, and we have only seen each other once in the last 45 years! It was good to catch up - and to reminisce too.
And here are my friends, Pat and Agnes, taking it easy - with Lake Ontario in the background.


  1. The cardinal is beautiful, and so nice to find something that reminds you of home! Wonderful to be able to reunite with your cousin, too!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful few days with a bit less running and more time for enjoying the people, the food and nature.

    1. It was definitely a contrast to the previous week in Las Vegas and at the Canyon, Jo!