Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 5 - Exploring Vegas

Tuesday, June 3rd - and we're off to explore Vegas (after coffee and croissants in the Café Madeleine at our hotel). As I have problems walking long distances, I rented an electric scooter for our stay in Vegas -and couldn't have survived without it!

I managed not to run anyone down - but I did have an 'oops- sorry!' moment in a shop in one of the hotels (can't remember which one now) when I tried to manoeuver around a corner, and knocked a shelf at the bottom of a stand. Here are the two shop assistants(in the middle of the photo) replacing the shelf and the toys that fell off - fortunately not breakable ones!

We wandered through a few hotels as we made our way up the Strip from the Paris hotel, including Bally's and Harrah's, but spent the longest time in the Venetian, which we both decided was probably our favourite of all the Vegas hotels. Even from the outside, it was so reminiscent of Venice, with the campanile, canal and bridge.
The theme continued inside, especially with the canal and gondolas (and that's not the 'real' sky, by the way!).
 And the shopping 'street' too

After lunch at the Venetian, we crossed over Las Vegas Boulevard (fortunately there are several pedestrian bridges along the Strip, as it would have been suicidal to try to cross the street itself), and headed for Caesar's Palace - which is HUGE!
It also contains The Forum, an enormous shopping mall - as well as Caesar himself, of course!
Our next stop was at the Bellagio, where we spent some time in the attractive conservatory...
...before going outside to watch the Bellagio fountain display.
After this, we went back to our hotel to freshen up, having decided to visit downtown Las Vegas that evening. The first problem was getting a 'disabled' cab large enough to carry my electric scooter, so we had to wait some time before one eventually came, and took us the few miles to Fremont Street - which we loved, as it was so reminiscent of the 'old' Las Vegas in the days before all the hotels were built on the Strip.
The light show on the huge screen above the street was amazing -
And so was the fish and chip meal I had at Mickey Finnz - the usual 'American-size' portion!

Of course, we met 'Elvis'
Oh - and here's another one (who, admittedly, did actually sound like Elvis!)
We called our friendly cab driver to take us back to the hotel -
and ended up with a couple of beers in the bar!


  1. I love your descriptions. I feel I'm on the journey with you.

    1. Hope you're feeling the heat too, Margaret. It was in the upper 90s, but at least it was dry heat and not humid!

  2. Paula, your pictures and descriptions take me back to the times I actually lived in Vegas. There is a whole "other world" in that city and I well remember the dry desert heat which I much prefer over the humid heat of Florida and Kentucky.You've made me want to go to Vegas again.

  3. This is fun traveling with you and remembering Vegas while you do the same. 💛