Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day 6 - Hotels and more hotels

On Wednesday, June 4th, we set off to explore the southern half of the Las Vegas Strip, which consisted of visiting one hotel after another!

It was even hotter than the previous day - by mid-afternoon, the temperature was over 100, and we didn't envy this 'Living Statue' guy. I wonder how long he managed to pose like that?

Some of the hotels were simply tower blocks, with nothing much to distinguish one from another, but at least the New York hotel looked like New York!

It had its own Statue of Liberty too - with the Ellis Island building behind it.

The Excalibur was reminiscent of a medieval castle (or Disneyland?)

And then of course there was the Luxor Pyramid (and Sphinx)

The last time I saw these two guys was at Abu Simbel in Egypt!

We also visited the Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay hotels, and our final stop was at the MGM hotel.

I haven't mentioned the slot machines, have I? Thousands in each hotel!

We played a few, even though we didn't really have a clue which buttons to press - but here's my cousin Helen trying to look like a high roller!

And here are some of the slots in our own hotel.

In the evening, we dined at the Café Louis in the Paris hotel. If you ignored the nearby slot machines and gaming tables, you really could imagine you were sitting outside a Paris restaurant. Even the waiters were dressed like Parisian waiters.

After steak au poivre, it was time to ascend the Eiffel Tower for some spectacular views of the Strip - looking north towards Caesar's Palace and the Mirage...

And looking south to all the hotels we'd visited earlier

Finally, we watch the Bellagio fountain display from above.


  1. Wow - talk about the bright lights ... and some nice Egyptian touches too! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time :-)

  2. Vegas was full of neon and floodlights, Karla! My trip was last month, so now I am re-living all my experiences and travels!

  3. Paula, you are taking me back in time. It was the late 1990s when we lived in a condo complex just off the strip and then in Green Valley just past Wayne Newton's ranch. We had dinner every Sunday evening at one of the casinos and played the slots for small change. It was a great experience and I'm sure you will remember your visit the same way.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the memories, Linda! We didn't play the slots much - mainly because we hadn't a clue what buttons to press!

  5. Good for you for not playing slots and keeping your money in your pocket for better things (like eating). Really enjoying these, Paula.

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I think we were the lowest rollers in town!

  6. I love this trip! No need to go back for sometime, you've done a great job of reminding me.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the memories, Jo!